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Market Alert: Mounting Election Worries Send Gold over $1300/oz!

GOLD BREAKS $1,300/oz!

Gold prices broke through the key level of $1,300 an ounce Wednesday morning, hitting a 1-month high. Uncertainty in the marketplace is only just beginning to rise. Lock in your gold before prices could move even higher!

The outcome of the upcoming U.S. election is rattling markets as the gap continues to narrow in the race to the White House between GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Anxious investors have been turning to gold as a safe-haven asset, pushing prices higher. Gold is often seen as a hedge against political uncertainty and economic volatility.

Here’s a look at what’s moving the markets today:

CNBC: Gold breaks above $1,305 an ounce for the first time since Oct 4
NBC News: Investors sink money into gold and other safe havens as election fears mount
Bloomberg: Buy gold no matter who wins the election, HSBC says

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If you have been waiting to enter the gold market, this could be your chance! As people turn to the safe-haven assets of gold and silver in times of economic uncertainty as stores of wealth, take matters into your own hands with gold and silver today. Gold’s momentum is gaining—get in before it’s too late!


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