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100 oz Silver Bar - Various Mints
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The 100 oz. Silver Bar is revered for its quality excellence, a hallmark of its production from only the world’s most trusted government and private mints. These silver bars are struck from .999 pure silver and offer a convenient form of large-scale silver ownership.

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The 100 oz. silver bar is a marvel to behold—as beautiful as it is pure. It is simultaneously a compelling asset you can hold in your hands, a convenient form of large-scale silver ownership, and one of the world’s most captivating precious metals. Struck from .999 pure silver, each silver bar is one of the purest representations of this highly-desired metal. What’s more, each 100 oz. silver bar stands as a remarkable achievement in quality. Its production from the world’s most trusted government and private mints stands as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship.

Why Buy 100 oz. Silver Bars?

Bars are generally ideal for high-volume silver diversification. Bars are rectangular slabs of .999 pure silver, typically produced by private mints, and easy to stack and store. Due to their size, bars offer novice silver buyers a unique way to build their precious metals portfolio—fast. When time is of the essence, buying silver bars is one of the quickest ways to maximize the volume of your precious metals portfolio.

U.S. Money Reserve is proud to offer its clients the advantage of purchasing silver in conveniently higher volumes. Each silver bar contains 100 ounces of fine silver and provides a cost-efficient storage solution for larger silver purchases and diversification needs. The silver bars we offer come from some of the world’s top minting facilities, such as Asahi and Royal Canadian Mint. Because we only select the most prestigious 100 oz. silver bars available, brand names are subject to availability at the time of each order.

  • Year: Varied
  • Denomination: NA
  • Condition: NA
  • Grading Service: NA
  • Metal Content: 100 troy oz.
  • Purity: .999+ Silver
  • Mint Mark: Not Shown (Varied)
  • Mint Facility/Manufacturer: Varied
  • Issuing Country: Varied
  • Diameter: Varied mm
  • Thickness: Varied mm
  • Obverse Designer: NA
  • Reverse Designer: NA

History & Design of the 100 oz. Silver Bar

Silver mining dates back to 3000 B.C. It has played a pivotal role in currency, medicine, electronics, photography, and much more. Silver's utility is unique in that it developed alongside the modernization of humankind. It is, truly, a historic element.

Today, people all over the world continue to be fascinated by silver’s many qualities. Silver is appealing as a safe haven asset, but also for its utility as an industrial metal and its aesthetics as a metal of beauty. People have long prized silver jewelry, but have also incorporated silver coins, bars, and bullion into their portfolios, estate plans, and even their Individual Retirement Accounts.

Apart from their brick-like, rectangular shape, silver bar designs can vary. Most 100 oz. silver bars are stamped with the mint’s brand, silver content, and silver purity. These elements stand out in bold relief against the smooth sheen of the silver bar. Polished corners and sleek lines evoke the expert production of the world’s most prestigious minting facilities. Unlike silver jewelry, silver bars never go out of fashion.

IRA Approved 100 oz. Silver Bars

Not all silver products receive the “all clear” from the IRS, but some 100 oz. silver bars do! Johnson Matthey silver bars, in particular, meet the requirements set forth by the Internal Revenue Code for inclusion in Self-Directed IRAs. They're a rare double-play for those seeking to protect their wealth: a smart addition to both a precious metals portfolio and a retirement portfolio. The 100 oz. silver bars’ international credibility adds undeniable luster to any IRA. Call now to learn more about U.S. Money Reserve’s Gold Standard IRA Program.

How Much Do 100 oz. Silver Bars Cost?

You want the best silver prices. Every precious metals shopper does! At U.S. Money Reserve, you can buy 100 oz. silver bars from top mints at competitive prices. The silver content of each 100 oz. silver bar is imprinted on its exterior. The market value of a silver bar is tied almost exclusively to its weight in silver (in this case, 100 oz.) and the current price of silver. A U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive is available for you today with more information on silver bar prices and availability.

Where Can I Buy 100 oz. Silver Bars?

Wondering where to buy silver? You can buy your very own 100 oz. silver bars online or over the phone courtesy of U.S. Money Reserve. Solid silver bars of such purity can potentially make a great addition to your precious metals strategy, whether you’re a market veteran or just getting started. Silver of this quality holds great global appeal. Contact us to shop silver bars for sale today!

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