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Silver Bullion

  • Silver American Eagle obverse

    1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin

    as low as $42.18
  • Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary silver coin

    1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coin

  • Silver American Eagles with Monster Box in background

    Silver Eagle Monster Box (500 Coins)

    as low as $21,087.90
  • 1 oz. Silver Iwo Jima Coin reverse

    1 oz. Iwo Jima Silver Bullion Coin

    as low as $46.51
  • Two-Ounce Silver Iwo Jima Coin reverse

    2 oz. Iwo Jima Proof Silver Piedfort Coin

    as low as $99.00
  • legacy silver eagle bullion coin reverse

    2021 1 oz. Silver Legacy Eagle Coin

    as low as $78.58
  • 2023 1 oz. Silver Legacy Eagle Coin

    as low as $78.58

Silver Bars

Certified Silver

  • 1 oz. Proof silver American Eagle coins front and back (PCGS PR70)

    1 oz. Proof Silver American Eagle Coin

  • 1 oz. Silver American Eagle coin (PCGS MS70) from San Francisco and West Point Mints

    1 oz. Mint State Silver American Eagle Coin

  • Cook Islands 5 oz. silver Denali (PCGS First Strike)

    2016 5 oz. Silver Denali MS-70 (PCGS First Strike)

  • 2020 1 oz. Silver American Eagle PCGS MS70 First Strike

    2020 1 oz Silver American Eagle PCGS MS70 First Strike

  • Silver American eagle 3-coin set from all 3 U.S. mints

    2021 3-Coin Silver American Eagle Reagan Legacy Set (PCGS First Day of Issue Type 1)

  • 1 oz. Silver Legacy Eagle Coin PCGS MS-70 (First Strike)


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Silver often plays a supporting role to gold when it comes to precious metals ownership, but it provides many of the same benefits as the yellow metal—but at typically a much lower cost. This is why silver makes for an excellent, affordable “starter” option. Even if you’re not new to gold and silver ownership, it’s important to diversify not just across all assets (precious metals, equities, cash, property, etc.), but to diversify within a particular asset class. A well-balanced portfolio includes a portion of silver coins or bars.

Buy Silver Coins

Silver coins have been a commonly accepted form of currency for thousands of years, proving it to be a reliable form of wealth protection. Silver coins continue to be a popular way to store your wealth over time for any buyer at any level. A silver coin’s design, scarce production numbers and marketplace demand all make up a coin’s overall rarity and ultimately, its upside potential.

But how do you know which silver coins to buy? When developing a well-diversified portfolio, you should consider your short-term needs in addition to your long-term goals. Silver can help support both of these roles when you select a combination of silver bullion and certified silver products.

Silver Bullion Coins

Like gold, a silver bullion coin’s price is determined by its metal weight and the current spot price of silver. Generally, silver bullion coins have greater liquidity than certified silver coins, making them ideal candidates for a short-term holding strategy. Silver bullion coins comes in a range of sizes from 1/25 to 1 kilo, with its most popular option being the 1 oz coin.

U.S. Money Reserve carries a large inventory of government-issued silver coins, distinguishing itself from other precious metals distributors. The majority of these coins are authorized legal tender from the U.S. Mint, guaranteed by the U.S. government for their silver content, weight and purity. Our most popular silver bullion coin is the 1 oz. Silver American Eagle.

When owning silver bullion, you can rest assured you have chosen a tangible asset that you can hold in your hand to help protect you during these times of economic uncertainty.

Certified Silver Coins

Successful wealth protection is an ongoing effort made up of long-term goals over the span of many years—even generations—as opposed to short-term fixes. When looking for profit potential, consider your options in the form of certified high-grade, low-mintage silver coins. Certified silver coins offer insulation from spot price volatility because its melt value makes up just one part of a certified graded coin.

A certified coin undergoes a professional process to determine its grade, which authenticates its condition. A silver coin’s grade plays a major role in determining its upside potential. This third-party grading process also ensures the accuracy of this coin and protects its condition by sonically sealing it in an official tamper-proof holder.

All certified silver coins from U.S. Money Reserve are graded by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), an industry leader in coin authentication. Select from many options of popular certified silver coins, including:
1 oz. Silver American Eagle Proof Coin (First Strike) and the 1 oz. Mint State Silver American Eagle Coin.

U.S. Money Reserve is also incredibly proud to offer our exclusive Reagan Legacy Signature Series. This official series is catalogued by PCGS and features a prestigious selection of certified U.S. silver coins in only the highest grades available hand signed by Ronald Reagan’s son and precious metals advocate, Michael Reagan.

For the discerning precious metals buyer, high-performance certified silver coins like these are essential in diversifying your portfolio for long-term protection and growth.


Buy Silver Bars

Buying silver bars is one of the easiest and most cost-effective forms of silver ownership. Silver bars generally have a lower premium than silver coins and closely track silver’s spot price, making them an advantageous option for silver buyers today.

Silver bars are produced in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilo, and produced by only the most trusted government mints and private mints alike, including the Royal Canadian Mint, Johnson Matthey, Asahi and more.

Our most popular silver bar products include: 100 oz. Silver Bars.

Physical silver, especially silver bars, is an excellent form of portable wealth that can be accumulated privately, as well as passed down generationally. Through silver, clients have the opportunity to protect not only themselves but also the prosperity of those closest to them.


Add Silver Coins & Bars to Your IRA

Together, gold and silver can work side-by-side to shield your retirement savings from life's inevitable uncertainties. It all starts with a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA. Precious metals, like silver, can have a low or negative correlation to assets that typically comprise conventional retirement plans. When the economy takes a turn for the worst, so can these accounts. The same factors that weaken traditional assets can do the opposite to precious metals, as safe haven demand for silver and gold has proven to increase during economic downturns.

A Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA allows you to put your hard-earned savings into the tangible asset of physical silver, a reliable form of wealth protection for thousands of years. Select silver coins and bars have been approved by the Internal Revenue Code to be held in IRAs. These coins and bars must have a minimum fineness of .999 and be produced by a government mint or accredited refiner/assay/manufacturer. Silver coins and bars approved IRAs include: Silver American Eagle Bullion Coins, Silver American Eagle Proof Coins, Silver Australian Kookaburra Coins, Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins, Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins, and Johnson Matthey Silver Bars.

Call U.S. Money Reserve today to speak with a dedicated IRA Account Executive and see how setting up a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA backed with the sustaining strength of silver can help you worry less about tomorrow, today!