1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin, front
1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin, front
1 oz. Fine Silver American Eagle Coin, View of Back
Stack of 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coins

1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin

The Silver American Eagle is the world’s leading silver bullion coin that is authorized U.S. legal tender and fully backed by the U.S. government for its silver content, weight and purity. Consisting of 1-ounce of 99.9% pure silver, this staple of wealth protection is an ideal choice for those looking to add an affordable precious metal to their portfolio.

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The 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin is one of the best-selling silver coins in the world for many reasons. One, the U.S. government backs Silver Eagles for their silver content — 99.9% pure silver — weight, and purity. Plus, each Silver Eagle Coin carries a $1 denomination, making it an official U.S. legal tender coin. And finally, Silver Eagles are one of the few silver coins that surpass the Internal Revenue Service’s fineness requirements for IRA-approved precious metals. That means Silver American Eagles can help you secure a stronger financial future both today and tomorrow.

When you're ready to buy Silver Eagles at low prices, choose U.S. Money Reserve. We're the only precious metals company that's led by a former U.S. Mint Director.

Why Buy 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coins?

The 2008 financial crisis hit fast. The government seized banks and mortgage companies. Industry giants filed for bankruptcy protection. Even today, the negative effects linger for many.

Through diversification, Silver Eagle coins provide a secure alternative in a changing world. The 1 oz. Silver American Coin may contribute to an intelligent diversification strategy since it: presents a practical and affordable starting point for anyone wishing to move into precious metals, offers a convenient method for stockpiling pure silver, and is recognized worldwide.

Silver American Eagle Coins can act as building blocks for your precious metals portfolio by increasing your portfolio’s diversity, as silver can move independently of stocks and other asset classes. These coins are highly liquid, making them easy to buy and sell.

In the end, Silver Eagles can help new silver buyers and market veterans alike move away from the complex machinations of a global economic engine. Silver American Eagle Coins represent tangible wealth.
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