Exclusive Gold & Silver

  • 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor gold coin

    1/10 oz. Pearl Harbor Gold Coin

    as low as $322.63
  • Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary silver coin

    1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coin

  • Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Gold Coin

    1 oz. Pearl Harbor Gold Coin

  • 1 oz. Gold Iwo Jima coin reverse

    1 oz. Iwo Jima Gold Bullion Coin

    as low as $2,921.26
  • 1 oz. Silver Iwo Jima Coin reverse

    1 oz. Iwo Jima Silver Bullion Coin

    as low as $40.53
  • Tenth-Ounce Gold Iwo Jima Coin reverse

    1/10 oz. Iwo Jima Gold Bullion Coin

    as low as $322.63
  • Two-Ounce Silver Iwo Jima Coin reverse

    2 oz. Iwo Jima Proof Silver Piedfort Coin

    as low as $99.00
  • Iwo Jima proof silver coin

    5 oz. Iwo Jima Proof Silver High-Relief Coin PR-70

    as low as $399.00
  • Iwo Jima proof silver coin

    5 oz. Iwo Jima Proof Silver High-Relief Coin PR-69

    as low as $359.00
  • Legacy Gold Eagle 3-Coin Set Certified Cases

    Legacy Eagle Proof Gold 3-Coin Set (PCGS First Day of Issue – Reagan Legacy)

  • 1 oz. Silver Legacy Eagle Coin PCGS MS-70 (First Strike)

  • legacy silver eagle bullion coin reverse

    2021 1 oz. Silver Legacy Eagle Coin

    as low as $68.49
  • 2023 1 oz. Silver Legacy Eagle Coin

    as low as $68.49

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Buy Exclusive Gold & Silver Coins Online

U.S. Money Reserve proudly offers exclusive bullion gold and silver coins and other certified precious metals for new and experienced precious metals buyers alike. Like all products available from U.S. Money Reserve, each exclusive coin is government-issued and backed for its metal content, weight and purity.

With low mintages, U.S. Money Reserve’s exclusive coin offerings suit any precious metals buyer. Whether you’re looking to hold precious metals as a portfolio diversifier, include physical gold and silver as part of your retirement strategy or turn to a proven hard asset as a safe haven, buy with confidence from America’s Gold Authority™.

Buy Iwo Jima Bullion Coins

The 75th Anniversary Iwo Jima bullion coin series is U.S. Money Reserve’s newest legal-tender coin series. Similar to Pearl Harbor coins, Iwo Jima coins commemorate a decisive and crucial World War II battle.

This unique coin series speaks to the moment with an inspired rendering of Joe Rosenthal’s iconic picture of U.S. soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi.

It was a moment that inspired Marines across the island of Iwo Jima. According to National Geographic, horns sounded from the invasion fleet, and soldiers fired their guns in the air when the flag was raised. The photograph of the moment proved just as inspirational back home, too. It became the centerpiece of a war-bond poster that helped raise $26 billion in 1945, notes The Pulitzer Prizes. The photo also appeared on a 1945 United States postage stamp and was the model for the Marine Corps War Memorial erected in 1954.

When you purchase one of these special coins, you gain so much more than an Iwo Jima commemorative coin. You also have confidence in the face of tumultuous times. Both gold and silver Iwo Jima bullion coins can be included in a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA, along with gold and silver Pearl Harbor bullion coins, to help protect your financial future from an unexpected assault by market forces.

Iwo Jima Gold Coins

The Iwo Jima gold coin is government-issued and excellently struck from 24-karat gold. Along with an inspired design of U.S. soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima, the reverse side of the coin proudly bears the “P” mintmark for the Perth Mint, the year 2020, and rare Roman numeral dating (MMXX).

The obverse features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and pays homage to our wartime allies Australia and Great Britain.

Iwo Jima Silver Coins

The Iwo Jima silver coin features the same design elements as the Iwo Jima gold coin but is rendered in pure .9999 silver. It is also slightly larger in diameter. The Iwo Jima silver coin measures 40.60 mm wide, while the Iwo Jima gold coin measures 32.60 mm.

Buy Pearl Harbor Coins

U.S. Money Reserve is proud to present its first exclusive coin series: Pearl Harbor Gold and & Silver Coins. This monumental series honors the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor in pure gold and silver. With a stunning design that captures one of the most pivotal times in world history, each coin symbolizes the sacrifice made by American armed forces and citizens on one prolific day. Notably, a portion of the proceeds from every Pearl Harbor Coin will go toward raising a Lone Sailor Statue at Pearl Harbor through the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation.

Pearl Harbor Bullion Coins

Struck from .9999 pure gold and pure silver, Pearl Harbor Bullion Coins are an ideal addition to any precious metals portfolio. As official legal tender and minted at the world-renowned Perth Mint, honor the past and secure your future with these stunning coins.

When incorporated in a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA, gold and silver Pearl Harbor Bullion Coins can help you protect your wealth and grow your hard-earned retirement savings. Struck from .9999 pure gold and pure silver, Pearl Harbor Bullion Coins surpass the minimum fineness requirement set forth by the Internal Revenue Code for inclusion in IRAs. Call U.S. Money Reserve today to speak with an IRA Account Executive and learn how you can better secure your retirement with these exclusive, limited edition gold and silver bullion coins. Pay tribute to the past and plan for a strong financial future with a Self-Directed IRA.

Exclusive Pearl Harbor Bullion Coins include: 1 oz. Pearl Harbor Gold Coins, 1/10 oz. Pearl Harbor Gold Coins and 1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coins.

Pearl Harbor Certified Coins

Similar to the bullion coins, the certified Pearl Harbor Gold Coins are struck from pure 24-karat at the world-famous Perth Mint and authorized legal tender. These proof gold coins are noted for undergoing a special minting process to create a beautiful, mirror-like finish. With a maximum mintage of only 1,000 coins, these coins are among the rarest coins ever offered by U.S. Money Reserve.

This special selection of coins also pays tribute to President Ronald Reagan, one of our nation’s most ardent supporters of our nation’s armed forces. Having served in World War II, Reagan and his influential legacy fittingly live on through his son, Michael Reagan, hand signing each coin label in our exclusive Reagan Legacy Signature Series. Recognized and authenticated by PCGS and graded museum-quality PR-70 or near-perfect PR-69, each coin set is presented in special limited edition packaging with a numbered certificate of authenticity.