1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coin

  SOLD OUT!    Honor one of the most important moments in world history with pure .9999 silver! U.S. Money Reserve has the worldwide exclusive of the ONLY 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Silver Coin. Each 1 oz. silver bullion coin is government-issued and authorized official legal tender.

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Buy 1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coins

A new solid silver coin has joined the ranks of some of the most renowned bullion coins in the word: the 1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coin. Struck from 99.99% fine silver, this limited production silver bullion coin is official legal tender and struck from the highest purity possible.*

Few silver coins can compare to the Pearl Harbor solid silver coin. This 1 oz. silver coin honors one of the most important moments in world history, but also puts the power of silver in your hands. As a precious metal, silver can work as a hedge against inflation, a means of potentially growing your existing pool of wealth, or a tool for financial survival in the event of a financial crisis.

Why Buy Silver & 1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coins?

The 1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coin is an exceptional choice for both serious silver connoisseurs and those who are purchasing precious metals for the first time. Apart from its powerful silver content, the Pearl Harbor Silver Coin offers a tangible way to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and make sure that the "date which will live in infamy" is never forgotten.

The U.S. Money Reserve is proud to offer this first-ever legal tender silver coin honoring the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Each coin is guaranteed for its silver weight, content, and purity. A well-balanced portfolio includes a portion of silver coins or bars.

Show Support for Defenders of American Freedom

When you buy Pearl Harbor Silver Coins, though, you do more than enhance your precious metals portfolio. You help this great nation honor one of the most important moments in history. Proceeds from U.S. Money Reserve Pearl Harbor Silver Coins helped fund the Lone Sailor Statue at the National Park Service’s Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, which was ceremoniously unveiled on the 225th birthday of the U.S. Navy, on October 13, 2017. The statue, designed by Stanley Bleifeld, stands watch over the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial erected in honor of the bravery displayed during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
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