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Certified Coins Graded by PCGS

Precious Metal Bars

Certified Coins Graded by PCGS

Precious Metal Bars


Buy Gold & Silver Online

U.S. Money Reserve offers three main options for precious metals ownership: bullion coins, certified coins and bars. If you’re looking for a fast and secure way to buy gold, silver or platinum, contact U.S. Money Reserve today.

In addition to being one of the largest distributors of U.S. government-issued coins, U.S. Money Reserve only sells precious metals from the world’s most trusted mints. These established institutions include the U.S. Mint, Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint and South African Mint.

Owning physical precious metals has long been considered a vitally important method of protecting your wealth in an extremely volatile economic climate. Taking the strategic steps necessary to preserve your wealth may be as important right now as it has ever been.

Whether your objective is to hedge against potential inflation, safeguard assets from stock market volatility, protect yourself from further declines in the value of the U.S. dollar or simply add precious metals to your retirement portfolio, U.S. Money Reserve offers a number of ways to take advantage of the precious metals markets.

If you’re thinking about diversifying with precious metals or have any questions about our products, call a U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive today for personal assistance at 1-866-MINT-GOLD.

Buy Gold & Silver Bullion Online

Gold and silver bullion coins have been an international standard for trade dating back centuries that serve as a readily available source of personal finance protection in today’s economic climate of uncertainty. Bullion refers to precious metals in bulk form, which are worth their weight in metal content (gold or silver) and tied directly to the commodity market. This makes it a more liquid, short-term hold.

There are many advantages to owning bullion, but by itself it is just the launching off point for the type of precious metals ownership that can prove lucrative enough to build lasting wealth.

Whether you’re an established gold or silver owner, or new to precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve is here to help you select the right products that meet your individualized needs. We offer government-issued gold and silver bullion coins in a variety of sizes from as small as 1/10 oz to our largest—and most popular—size of 1 oz, and more in between.

  • Bullion options include gold and silver coins
  • Market value tied to the spot price and commodity trade
  • Owned optimally in the short term
  • Produced by trusted and established mints worldwide
  • Can be included in a self-directed precious metals IRA

Buy Certified Gold & Silver Online

Even more important than a short-term growth strategy is U.S. Money Reserve’s strong belief in diversifying with certified gold and silver coins that support long-term growth. With certified coins, you have the opportunity for greater protection from market fluctuations. Furthermore, diversifying within the certified coin sector itself allows you to implement a second barrier of security—the numismatic value of the coin.

A certified, or graded, coin is one that has undergone careful scrutiny by an independent coin-grading service in order to determine the coin’s overall condition. Each certified coin is sonically sealed in a plastic case to preserve its condition going forward. Its grade is important because the grade determines how many coins exist in the world in a given condition and therefore, its potential rarity.

In other words, a certified coin holds not only market value in metal weight, but also numismatic (collectible) value. Historically, the fewer coins available in a particular grade means the more likely a coin with that grade will be sought after by the marketplace.

With the exception of historical rare coins, U.S. Money Reserve only offers certified coins in the highest grades available in both proof and mint state finishes. Similar to bullion, we offer certified gold, silver and platinum coins from established mints in a range of sizes from 1/10 oz to the popularly held 1 oz, and more in between.

  • Certified precious metals include gold, silver and platinum coins
  • Condition preserved in sonically sealed plastic cases
  • Numismatic value in addition to metal’s melt value
  • Greater opportunity for profit potential
  • Insulation from spot market’s volatility
  • Established rarity based on existing coins in a given grade
  • Marketplace demand for rare coins

Buy Gold & Silver Bars Online

Gold and silver bars offer a convenient and cost-effective method for high-volume precious metals ownership. Like bullion coins, a gold bar’s market value is tied primarily to its weight in gold and current market price. However, one of its most attractive benefits for gold buyers is a gold bar’s premium is generally lower than a bullion coin’s premium. The same applies to silver bars.

U.S. Money Reserve only offers the most trusted brands from only the most reputable refiners in the industry from both government and private mints. These include: the Perth Mint, Johnson Matthey, PAMP Suisse and more.

The most common bar size typically bought is the 1 oz gold bar. Larger gold options in the form of 10 oz bars and 1 kilo bars, and 100 oz bars for silver are also available for purchase.

  • Easy to store, count and trade
  • Market value tied to the spot gold price and commodity trade
  • Generally carry lower premiums than coins
  • Primarily held by large financial institutions and central banks
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