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  • 2022 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle Coin Obverse

    1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Type 2 Coin

    as low as $369.59
  • 2022 1/2 oz Gold American Eagle Coin Obverse

    1/2 oz. Gold American Eagle Type 2 Coin

    as low as $1,533.92
  • 2022 1/4 oz Gold American Eagle Coin Obverse

    1/4 oz. Gold American Eagle Type 2 Coin

    as low as $827.35
  • Austrian Philharmonic gold coin

    1 oz. Austrian Gold Philharmonic

    as low as $2,705.50
  • 1 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin back

    1 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

    as low as $2,688.59
  • 1 oz. gold American buffalo coin front

    1 oz. Gold American Buffalo Coin

    as low as $2,729.66
  • 2022 1 oz Gold American Eagle Coin Obverse

    1 oz. Gold American Eagle Type 2 Coin

    as low as $2,707.92
  • 2015 Gold Krugerrand

    1 oz. South African Gold Krugerrand

    as low as $2,705.50
  • Silver American Eagle obverse

    1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin

    as low as $38.37
  • 1 oz. Silver Attack on Pearl Harbor coin reverse

    1 oz. Silver World War II: Valor & Victory Series Attack on Pearl Harbor Coin

  • 1 oz. silver Battle of Midway coin reverse

    1 oz. Silver World War II: Valor & Victory Series Battle of Midway Coin

  • 1 oz. Silver World War II: Valor & Victory Series Battle of Normandy Coin

  • Perth Mint 1 oz. gold bar

    1 oz. Gold Bar (Various Mints)

    as low as $2,664.43
  • 100 oz Silver Bar - Various Mints

    100 oz. Silver Bar

    as low as $3,379.23
  • 1 kilo gold bar

    1 Kilo Gold Bar (Various Mints)

    as low as $82,710.40
  • Perth Mint 10 oz. gold bar

    10 oz. Gold Bar (Various Mints)

    as low as $26,231.27
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Buy gold and silver online or over the phone with U.S. Money Reserve, America's Gold Authority® and a trusted distributor of government-issued gold and silver bullion coins, proof coins and bars. We stand behind our products and our client services, with the educational resources and information you need to make an informed buying decision. Learn more about our precious metals products below and call 1-866-646-8465 with any questions. Account Executives are standing by to take care of you.

Shop Gold & Silver Bullion Coins

Are you looking for a specific gold bullion coin for your portfolio? Or maybe a silver bullion coin for a gift? U.S. Money Reserve has a variety of bullion coins to match your needs, now and in the future.

Buy Gold Bullion Coins

“Gold bullion” is generally defined as “precious metals in bulk form,” and gold bullion can come in the form of a coin or a bar. While many gold bullion coins are designated as official legal tender, they are not used for day-to-day purchases. Instead, they are held and protected by their owners. Reasons for owning gold vary widely. Some people buy and hold gold bullion coins to help shield their wealth from the weakening influence of inflation. Other people buy gold to transfer some of their wealth to future generations. Whatever your reason for buying gold, you can count on gold's power as a store of wealth, portfolio diversifier, and safe haven to support—even expand—your financial power in an uncertain world. We specialize in offering government-issued gold bullion coins, which means your purchase is backed by some of the world's most esteemed minting facilities like the U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, the Austrian Mint, and Australia’s Perth Mint. Our catalog of gold bullion coins includes:
  • Gold American Eagle Coin: Buy Gold American Eagle Coins in 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., and 1 oz. denominations. Gold Eagles were minted in 1986 after the passing of the Gold Bullion Act in 1985. Made of 22k gold, Gold Eagle Coins feature Lady Liberty on their obverse and an eagle family on the reverse.
  • Gold American Buffalo Coin: Buy America's first-ever 24k gold coin. The 1 oz. Gold Buffalo Coin was released in 2006 and is made from 99.99% pure gold. It features a Native American portrait on the obverse and an American buffalo on the reverse.
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin: Another 99.99% pure gold coin, the 1 oz. Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin is unique in that it has the largest diameter in the world for its size and purity. It features a pipe organ on the obverse and a collection of musical instruments on the reverse.
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf: The 1 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf holds the distinct honor of being the first bullion coin to be struck from one ounce of 99.99% pure gold. It was first minted in 1979. The obverse features a Canadian Maple Leaf and the reverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • South African Krugerrand: Arguably one of the most important gold bullion coins released within the last 50 years, the 1 oz. South African Krugerrand once accounted for 90% of the global gold coin market. It features former South African president Paul Kruger on the obverse and a galloping springbok on the reverse.
  • Pearl Harbor Gold Coin: Produced in 1 oz. and 1/10 oz. denominations, the Pearl Harbor Gold Coin honors one of the most tragic, and significant, moments in American history—the attack on Pearl Harbor. This coin is exclusive to U.S. Money Reserve and features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and Navy ships and Japanese fighter planes on the reverse.
When you buy any one of these gold bullion coins, you take a step toward securing your financial future with a universally respected asset. You can do so now, online or over the phone.

Buy Silver Bullion Coins

Silver was first used as a currency in 700 B.C. and has long held an honorable place in currencies around the world, from the Greek drachma to the British pound sterling. Silver is appealing as a safe haven asset, but also for its natural utility as an industrial metal and its aesthetics as a metal of beauty. As such, silver bullion coins warrant just as much attention as gold bullion coins. When purchased alongside gold bullion coins, silver bullion coins can act as the “finishing touch” to your diversification strategy. Silver bullion coins can also act as the foundational building blocks of a precious metals portfolio, thanks to silver’s lower price point when compared to gold. U.S. Money Reserve carries some of the most in-demand silver bullion coins for sale today, including the Silver Eagle and the Pearl Harbor Silver Coin.
  • Silver American Eagle Coin: It's been heralded as one of the best-selling silver coins of all time. The 1 oz. Silver Eagle is respected around the world for its silver content—99.9% pure silver—weight, and purity. It features Walking Liberty on the obverse and an aptly named “Heraldic” eagle on the reverse.
  • Silver Eagle Monster Box: Looking for a lot of silver for sale, right now? Look no further than a Silver Eagle Monster Box. It's one of the most economical ways to buy 500 1 oz. Silver Eagle Coins at one time.
  • Pearl Harbor Silver Coin: Honor America's WWII heroes with this silver bullion coin. The 1 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coin is made of .9999 pure silver and is the only 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Silver Coin.
Buy a silver bullion coin as a diversifier or as a safe haven. Either way, you'll be joining a centuries-long legacy of silver ownership when you make your purchase. Shop online or call to place an order over the phone.

Shop Certified Gold & Silver Coins Graded by PCGS

Experienced wealth holders know diversifying within a precious metal class can provide additional layers of security. That's where certified gold and silver coins enter the picture. A certified coin is graded by an independent, third-party service for its condition. U.S. Money Reserve certified coins are graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service, one of the most respected names in coin certification. A graded, or certified, gold or silver coin is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 70, with 70 being awarded only to a select few coins. A certified coin with a grade of 70 must be flawless, with absolutely no imperfections. Call now if you're interested in gold or silver coins with a grade of 70 and to learn more about U.S. Money Reserve’s full inventory of certified products. Certified coins can be difficult to come by and are usually in demand! Certified coins offer additional benefits that can’t be appreciated with bullion alone. With certified coins, you have the opportunity for increased protection from market fluctuations because the coin's precious metal weight is just one factor in determining its upside potential. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve's premier inventory of certified gold and silver coins.

Buy Certified Gold Coins

  • Proof Gold American Eagle Coin: These certified Gold American Eagle Coins are part of our exclusive Reagan Legacy Signature Series—an official private population from PCGS. Each coin features a PCGS specialty label hand-signed by Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan. They are available in limited quantities in only the highest grades—near-perfect PR-69 and museum-quality PR-70.
  • Gold American Eagle MS-70: Looking for a certified gold coin with absolutely no imperfections? You've found it, with the Gold Eagle MS-70. This celebrated coin features Lady Liberty on the obverse and an eagle family on the reverse. Current sizes available: 1/10 oz. and 1/4 oz.
  • Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin: Want to see Lady Liberty and an eagle in flight “pop out” at you from the surface of a 24k gold coin? Buy the 1 oz. 2009 Ultra High Relief Gold Double Eagle. Few other certified gold coins can match this ultra high relief gold coin’s inescapable beauty, craftsmanship, and technological execution.
  • Burnished Gold American Eagle: This 22k gold coin features the same obverse design as the Proof and MS-70 Gold Eagle, but it goes through a different minting process. The result is a unique polished coin finish.
  • Proof Gold American Buffalo Coin: It's nearly impossible to further enhance one of America's most beloved coins, but PCGS does! U.S. Money Reserve's selection of certified museum-quality PR-70 or near-perfect PR-69 Gold Buffalos give new meaning to what it is to “strike gold” today.
  • China Gold Panda: Round out your precious metals portfolio with an internationally acclaimed (and attractive) Gold Panda Coin. Each one features 3 grams of .999 pure gold and is certified near-perfect PCGS MS-69. The obverse features The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, while the reverse shows a panda in a bamboo forest—a certified sight to behold!

Buy Certified Silver Coins

  • Mint State Silver American Eagle Coin: Released in 1986, the 1 oz. Mint State Silver Eagle combines our American currency’s storied past with modern minting technology. Each coin is certified museum-quality MS-70 or near-perfect MS-69.
  • Proof Silver American Eagle Coin: The 1 oz. Proof Silver Eagle features the same design as the Mint State Silver Eagle, but with a proof finish—a high degree of design detail and a shining field. Each coin is certified museum-quality PR-70 or near-perfect PR-69.
  • Silver Denali Coin: Want to take your portfolio to new heights? Then consider the 5 oz. Silver Denali. The mountain peaks of Denali are literally bursting out from the coin's reverse!
Buy certified gold coins and certified silver coins from a precious metals company you can trust. When you buy from U.S. Money Reserve, your certified coin will arrive in a sonically sealed plastic slab with a unique registration number that you can use to verify the coin's authenticity at any time, online or over the phone.

Shop Gold & Silver Bars

Buying gold and silver bars is a quick way to increase your precious metals holdings. Outside of gold and silver nuggets, bars offer one of the most “organic,” unprocessed forms of precious metals ownership. Bars are rectangular slabs of .999 pure gold or silver, typically produced by private mints, and easy to stack and store. Unlike coins, bars typically do not have distinctive designs and are not minted as legal tender. Instead, they are minted with identifying marks that provide information about the bar's producer, weight and metal purity, and sometimes a serial number.
  • Producer: A hallmark is a stamp that is unique to the bar's producer. A respected hallmark can encourage a bar's liquidity. Buy gold and silver bars through U.S. Money Reserve and you can bring home bars with hallmarks from the Perth Mint in Australia, Johnson Matthey, Asahi, and the Royal Canadian Mint. 
  • Weight and purity: Weight and purity markings vary by producer. Some producers mark these details in large numbers and letters separately from the hallmark. Others incorporate the bar's weight and purity within their hallmark.
  • Assay card: An assay card is a protective covering for your gold or silver bar, but it's also official documentation of a bar's weight and purity, and includes a serial number specific to the producer.

Where to Buy Physical Gold & Silver

Wondering where to buy gold and silver? Make U.S. Money Reserve your hub for buying precious metals and learning about gold and silver products, prices, and information. U.S. Money Reserve remains one of the best sites to buy precious metals online and one of the most trusted retailers of government-issued gold and silver coins and bars. You can also call toll-free if you’re more comfortable ordering live over the phone. Speak with an experienced Account Executive or browse our extensive library of free precious metals resources. Our goal is to empower you with the right information for your needs and interests, not sell you gold and silver products that you don’t understand. We keep our inventory of government-issued gold and silver very focused on the products that can help serve your precious metals portfolio over the long term. We don’t buy or sell jewelry or rounds, two types of products that aren’t designated official legal tender. To help limit the number of financial unknowns for our clients, we prefer to offer government-issued gold and silver coins. For example, the precious metals content, weight, and purity of government–issued coins is guaranteed. A round or piece of jewelry doesn’t always come with that level of assurance. As you think about where to make your next precious metals purchase, consider U.S. Money Reserve. Call 1-866-646-8465 now to experience the U.S. Money Reserve difference. Gold and silver products are available for purchase online and over the phone, while platinum and palladium products can only be purchased over the phone.

Why Shop with U.S. Money Reserve?

When it comes to buying gold and silver bullion coins, certified coins, and bars, you can buy from many precious metals companies. Or, you can buy from America's Gold Authority®. U.S. Money Reserve has long been a trusted distributor of government-issued gold and silver coins and bars. Shop online or over the phone, whatever is most convenient for you. Experienced Account Executives are standing by to help you buy the precious metals that are right for your financial goals, now and in the future.