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Certified Silver Coins for Sale

What Is a Certified Silver Coin?

If you’ve never shopped for certified silver coins, you might not know what makes them any different from your average ungraded bullion coin. A certified silver coin, however, can hold a special place in your precious metals portfolio.

Certified silver coins have been independently graded on the Sheldon Coin Grading Scale (Sheldon Scale) for condition. They are preserved in sonically sealed, protective plastic cases. Unlike ungraded silver coins, certified silver coins have been inspected and graded by a professional coin grading service.

Why Buy Certified Silver Coins?

A silver bullion coin’s market price is primarily tied to its weight in silver and the current spot price of silver. That price factor makes bullion coins typically a great choice for a liquid, short-term hold. However, when you purchase certified silver coins, you can have more protection from sharp market price fluctuations because a certified coin’s precious metal content is only one of many factors that determine its upside potential.

Incorporating certified silver coins into your portfolio can give you another layer of security that’s bolstered by the coin’s availability, condition, and historical significance. This security is grounded in certain facts about certified silver coins.

Certified silver coins are:

  • Independently graded on the Sheldon Scale for their condition. This coin grading scale is a universal standard. Almost all professional coin grading companies use it.
  • Preserved for the long term in strong, sonically sealed plastic cases to help protect from scratches, dings, and markings.
  • Sought after for their limited stock, as there are only so many coins in a given grade.
  • Typically not subject to the same silver spot market volatility as ungraded silver coins.

However, for diversification purposes you want to consider having more than only certified silver coins in your portfolio. You wouldn’t own stocks in just the tech sector or only in pharmaceuticals, right? Experts recommend diversifying your portfolio, even within asset classes. Ungraded and graded silver both have something to offer, and so do different precious metals.

“Owning [different precious metals] simultaneously is the only way to get exposure to the unique supply and demand drivers behind each of them in the context of the modern market,” Visual Capitalist notes.

Call U.S. Money Reserve for special prices on gold and silver coins for sale and to learn more about the role that graded coins can play in your precious metals portfolio.

Mintage and Population of Certified Silver Coins

A major factor in a certified silver coin’s appeal is its availability and thus performance potential. Mintage and population help determine that potential. You’ll see these two terms a lot when researching certified silver coins.

  • The mintage of a government-issued silver coin refers to how many of a specific coin were initially issued by the mint of origin.
  • Population refers to the number of coins certified by an independent grading service, like Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), at a given grade for each year, denomination, mintmark, and coin type. Only a fraction of a coin’s total mintage will ever grade a perfect 70, making it even harder to find high-grade coins for years with significantly lower mintages.

Once you know a coin’s grade, you can determine its population size. U.S. Money Reserve specializes in the highest-quality grades, as well as unique sets and date runs.

How Are Certified Silver Coins Graded?

A certified, or graded, silver coin has been carefully examined by trained professionals by an independent coin grading service like PCGS. The professionals determine the coin’s exact condition by looking at its strike, preservation, luster, color, and attractiveness.

Coins are graded on a scale from 1 to 70, with a grade of 70 reserved for coins determined to be perfect. Nearly all modern certified silver coins sold by U.S. Money Reserve are graded a perfect 70 or near-perfect 69 by PCGS.

As U.S. Money Reserve’s Chief Numismatist John Rothans explains, “Seventy is perfect and flawless with absolutely no imperfections, no fine scratches, no hairlines at all. That’s basically the top, top, A+++ of the coin grading scale.”

What’s so important about coin grading? Grading can influence the upside potential of a silver coin because grade determines the population of a given type of coin. This can impact its growth potential as it reacts to factors like supply and demand in the high-grade coin marketplace. Grading also serves to physically protect a coin from scratches and marks because once a grade has been issued, the grading service sonically seals the coin inside an impact-resistant case.

What Is PCGS?

Professional Coin Grading Service is one of the most respected third-party coin grading companies. With PCGS coins, you gain “impartial grading and authentication by the world’s top experts,” along with “incomparable value—PCGS-certified coins are known for realizing top prices.”

While there are many coin grading companies to choose from, PCGS is the one that popularized the concept of standardized grading and laid the groundwork for the most durable coin encapsulation. The PCGS name commands instant respect worldwide.

How to Read Certified Silver Coin Grades

You can learn almost everything you need to know about a certified silver coin by looking at its special plastic case. On the case, you’ll see a couple of letters and numbers that include the coin’s:

  • Year of issue and mintmark
  • Legal-tender denomination
  • Official details—finish, grade, and style
  • Official name
  • PCGS population
  • Unique serial number and barcode

Pay special attention to the letters PR, MS, or SP. These letters precede the coin’s numeric grade and tell you more about its condition, appearance, and minting process.

Proof Silver Coins

Proof (PR) coins have a beautiful, mirror-like finish. They’re struck multiple times “at slower speeds and higher striking pressure,” PCGS notes. “Because of this extra care, proofs usually exhibit much sharper detail than regular, or business, strikes.” A stunning example of a certified proof silver coin is the 1-oz. Proof Silver American Eagle coin. Proof Silver Eagles were first introduced in 1986 and are sought after around the world.

Mint State Silver Coins

Mint State (MS) coins have the same finish as circulated-issue coins, but they are not intended for regular distribution. The condition of Mint State coins can range from being heavily marked (MS-60) to showing no signs of wear (MS-70), even after five times magnification. Only a tiny fraction of coins is in superb enough condition to receive the coveted museum-quality grade of MS-70. The 1-oz. Mint State Silver American Eagle coin is a beautiful example of a mint state silver coin.

Specimen Silver Coins

A specimen (SP) coin delivers incredible visual impact. It’s typically struck twice against a matte or lined background. “SP” is more of a catchall term that refers to several finishes that are different from the finish of the circulated-issue coin but don’t necessarily fit into any proof category.

Sets & Date Runs

Most precious metals coin programs are produced in various denominations. Those programs have all of the denominations for a given year combined into what is known as a set. It is quite an achievement to own a full set for a year of issue, but there is still a far greater accomplishment that rewards a precious metals owner with great profit potential. When a series of consecutive years of sets are acquired, that is called a date run—the ultimate feat. Very few date runs of a particular coin in a very high grade exist, making them an elite addition to any gold or silver owner’s portfolio.

Unique PCGS-Certified Silver Coins

U.S. Money Reserve has a variety of PCGS-certified silver coins for sale online and over the phone. If you’ve seen us on TV, you’ll want to call for special phone prices and inventory! Some of our most popular and unique certified silver coins include:

  • 5-oz. Iwo Jima Proof Silver High-Relief Coin: Struck from 5 oz. of .9999 pure silver, this certified proof coin is graded a perfect PR-70 by PCGS with an exclusive “World War II Series” specialty label.
  • 2021 3-Coin Proof Silver American Eagle Legacy Set: This certified Silver Eagle three-coin set includes silver coins that were minted on an emergency basis because of extremely high demand. Each coin in the set is certified museum-quality MS-70 “First Day of Issue” by PCGS with a special “Type 1” designation. This set is only available from U.S. Money Reserve!

Buy these certified silver coins and more online or over the phone! Shop with U.S. Money Reserve, and you can feel good knowing you’ve chosen a certified silver coin distributor that prioritizes education and puts your future first. Hear it right from our customers!

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