U.S. Mint Director
Philip N. Diehl

“While serving as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint, I came to appreciate how essential precious metals are to this country.”

In today’s volatile and unpredictable economic climate, taking the right strategic steps necessary to preserve your life savings is as important as ever. As 35th Director of the United States Mint and former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department, taking a leadership role at U.S. Money Reserve was my vote of confidence in this company’s integrity and commitment to world-class service.

As one of the largest private distributors of precious metals in the nation, U.S. Money Reserve gives you access to our highly trained team of experienced, knowledgeable industry experts and a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. I invite you to call us today to discuss how precious metals can benefit you, your family, and the legacy you will leave behind.”

President of U.S. Money Reserve
35th Director of the U.S. Mint (1994–2000)
Former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department

“I know what a deep commitment to superior customer service looks like, and I had a unique opportunity to witness this same caliber of commitment happening at U.S. Money Reserve.”

Philip N. Diehl

Philip N. Diehl Biography


From spearheading the creation of the U.S. Mint’s popular 50 States Quarter program to overseeing the launch of the first-ever U.S. government–issued platinum coin, Philip N. Diehl is considered one of the most influential U.S. Mint directors of the modern era.

As a result of his incredible efforts, annual profits for the U.S. Mint increased from $450 million in his first year to $2.5 billion in his final year as mint director. His turnaround of the U.S. Mint has been featured in Fast Company, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Advertising Age, among others.

While working closely with senior members of the executive branch and on Capitol Hill, Diehl developed a deep understanding of fiscal and monetary policy that continues to inform his work in the precious metals industry today.

Historical Milestones

Outstanding Public Service

United States Treasury Medal for Outstanding Public Service Award

Government Service

American Numismatic Association Outstanding Government Service Award

Customer Service

Chairman of the Committee on Excellence for the Customer Satisfaction Initiative

Executive Leadership

American Society for Public Administration and Government Executive Leadership Award

Industry Recognition

Industry Council for Tangible Assets and Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation member

Values-Based Leadership

Faith and Politics Institute's St. Joseph's Day Award for values-based leadership

President of U.S. Money Reserve

Following his work in Washington, D.C., Diehl returned to his home state of Texas and currently serves as president of U.S. Money Reserve. As president of one of the world's largest private distributors of U.S. and foreign government–issued gold, silver, platinum, and palladium legal-tender products, Diehl is widely considered a credible expert and trustworthy source for the precious metals industry.

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As one of the largest distributors of precious metals in the nation, U.S. Money Reserve gives you access to our highly-trained team.

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