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Harnessing Strength in Difficult Times


Written by Angela Roberts

Mar 19, 2020

Americans are tough.

We have proven time and time again that we, as a nation, have the fortitude to weather hardships. Once again, our country is being tested, and we will not let our spirits be crushed. It is through ingenuity and perseverance that America has become the great country it is today. That same ingenuity will help our country in this difficult time and well into the future.

I am by nature a proactive person. In times like these, it is important that you are, too. We have the ability to protect each other and help each other during this time of uncertainty. We can all be heroes by being the best versions of ourselves.

It is important to keep a level head.

Stay alert. Stay safe. Stay informed. Be cautious, and don’t take unnecessary risks. But do not lose hope. The challenges in front of us will not be easy, but we must all put forth our best effort to stand firm. This situation will not last forever.

Do not let panic drive you. Remember that we are in this together, and we must consider each other in these critical times. The choices we make in the upcoming days, such as where we go, or even what we buy at the store, can have a significant impact on others.

Be productive. Take the time in these new unusual circumstances to reflect on what you are grateful for. Communicate with your loved ones, your friends, and neighbors. Think of what value you can add to the world. Those of you who are less at risk, consider what you can do for those who face more.

Think of how history will remember you.

Throughout history, extraordinary circumstances have confronted the nation. When we look into history at times such as World War II and the Great Depression, we see how Americans were able to handle and overcome adversity. We see stories of tragedy, but we also see stories of triumph.

This time in our history will be talked about for years to come. Again, there will be stories of tragedy and triumph.

How will you be seen by the historians of the future? When stories are written about people who came together, stories about how members of society banded together, will you be among them?

The American spirit was built for times like these.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know everyone at U.S. Money Reserve is thinking about our customers and their families. We can get through this together.


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