Best Gold & Silver Graduation Gifts

A Gift Worthy of a Graduate: Why Gold & Silver Make Great Graduation Gifts


Written by John Rothans

May 30, 2019

Your newly minted graduate deserves a gift they’ll never forget—a graduation gift of gold or silver. Unlike a gift card or a book, a gift of precious metals won’t fade from this world or the recipient’s memory.

In 2018, Americans spent more than $5 billion on graduation gifts, according to the National Retail Federation. But how many of those gifts are truly treasured just a year later? You can bet that graduates will assign a higher degree of worth to a gift of gold or silver!

So, why are precious metals like gold and silver the perfect present for your favorite grad? Let’s study four reasons why gold and silver are at the top of the class for graduation presents.

1. Gold and silver appeal to students of history.

1 oz. Gold American Buffalo Coin, View of Back

1 oz. Gold American Buffalo Coin, Reverse

Throughout history, people have coveted gold and silver. They've started wars, sailed across the world, and fought for the right to have it. So, why not give your favorite grad a piece of history?

Take, for example, the 1 oz. Gold American Buffalo Coin. The Gold Buffalo Coin dates back to 1913 (during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson) when the design made its debut appearance. The nation’s first-ever 24k gold coin, initially released in 2006, takes its inspiration from one of the most famous designs ever struck by the U.S. Mint.

Bonus: Your favorite grad won’t be quizzed about this coin, but you can still teach them a thing or two about the Gold Buffalo's history.



2. Gold and silver appeal to students of music.

gold austrailian philharmonic coin front

1 oz. Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin, Front

A gold or silver coin could be music to the ears (and eyes) of a music major—or any music connoisseur, for that matter, even your garage-band-rocking nephew!

One of the most popular gold coins in the world, the 1 oz. Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin, pays tribute to the European country’s rich music history.

The front of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin features the pipe organ that serves as the centerpiece of the Wiener Musikverein, the concert hall for the Vienna Philharmonic. The back of the coin displays beautiful renditions of a cello, four violins, a Vienna horn, a bassoon, and a harp.

One of the great things about the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin is that it doesn’t need to be tuned!

3. Gold and silver appeal to students of the classics.

1 oz. Gold American Eagle Bullion Coin 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin, View of Front

People have been trading gold and silver for centuries. Among precious metals, they’re true classics—similar to the works of authors like William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens are classics in literature.

The 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin and 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin are prime examples of the classic allure of gold and silver.

The Gold American Eagle Coin, the top-selling gold coin in the United States, is hailed for its classic design, with Lady Liberty on the front and a family of bald eagles on the back. The Silver American Eagle Coin, the world’s leading silver coin, features a walking Lady Liberty on the front and a heraldic eagle on the back—an equally classic look.

Both of these coins make the grade when it comes to graduation gifts.

4. Gold and silver appeal to grown-ups.

Like it or not, your favorite grad is growing up. And as you know, grown-ups need to begin building wealth as soon as they can. Gold and silver are practical gifts that can help your grad build wealth.

“While graduation is the culmination of years of hard work, it also represents the beginning of a new adventure,” the U.S. Mint points out.

What better way to teach a grad about building—and preserving—wealth than to give the gift of gold or silver, a safe-harbor asset that can help diversify a young adult’s portfolio? After all, research shows today’s younger generation already is inclined to allocate gold and silver as a hedge against market downturns, and they’re embracing alternative assets as a whole. How smart is that?

Whether your grad is college bound or headed out into the working world, celebrate their achievements with the perfect gift—a thoughtful silver or gold graduation gift from U.S. Money Reserve!


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