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When Seeking More Information About the Financial World, Who Do You Trust?


Written by Angela Roberts

Apr 27, 2023

On April 20, 2023, MarketWatch reported, “The U.S. economic index sank 1.2% in March and fell for the 12th month in a row, continuing to signal a recession later in 2023.” That same day, Fox Business reported, “The Fed says a mild recession is in the cards this year.” A day later, on April 21, 2023, CNBC reported that according to one financial strategist, “A recession is coming—and stock markets won’t come through it unscathed.”

In last week's edition of “Gold News & Views,” I wrote about National Financial Literacy Month and how important it is to me to be financially literate enough to make well-reasoned and educated decisions regarding my portfolio. If these headlines are to be believed, a recession seems both imminent and inevitable—which means that now may be a time when financial literacy pays off.

But with any search for information, especially educational material that helps us gain a better understanding of our finances, it’s also important to be able to trust our sources of information. When it comes to increasing your own financial literacy, who do you trust?

Knowing your financial knowledge comes from a trusted source can provide important peace of mind.

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There are many sources online for financial information or increasing your financial literacy—but as we all know, putting something online doesn’t make it true. And even if the information present was true at the time of its writing, it may not still be factual by the time you access it. This means that when we seek to enhance our financial knowledge, we must also be extra diligent in making sure our sources of information are both timely and trustworthy.

One way of ensuring this is to look for dates on articles and consider avoiding those that do not include a publishing date or have a date from many years ago. Another option is to steer clear of information from unknown sources or sources that can’t be verified as authentic with a quick Google search.

Here at U.S. Money Reserve, we know how hard it can be to find quality information about the importance of diversification and about the precious metals industry as a whole, which is why we’re constantly providing new content multiple times each week—content that discusses our economy and gives ways you can protect your wealth through physical precious metals ownership.

At U.S. Money Reserve, we’re constantly working to earn the title of America’s Gold Authority®.

U.S. Money Reserve Thought Leadership Team

Several qualities set us apart from all other precious metals providers. First and foremost, we are the only precious metals company led by a former Director of the United States Mint: our President, Philip N. Diehl. We’re also the only precious metals company working with two former Directors of the U.S. Mint, as Edmund C. Moy joined us in 2021 as Senior IRA Strategist.

Another trait that sets us apart is our dedication to client education. In addition to our industry-leading Gold Information Kit, we also provide a wealth of free educational materials through our Resource Center, including exclusive special reports, videos, executive insights, and more. Just this year, we introduced two new video series on our YouTube page—one where our new Director of Education, Brad Chastain, discusses topics related to portfolio management and protecting your retirement and another where both former U.S. Mint Directors discuss a variety of interesting and important financial and precious metals–related topics.

In fact, we’re about to launch a second season of the latter series, In Conversation, where Directors Diehl and Moy sit down with Mr. Chastain as well as myself and our host, the charming and talented Chuck Woolery, to discuss current economic issues, their potential effects on your personal wealth, and what you can do to help protect yourself and your loved ones in times of economic volatility. I hope you’ll keep an eye out for the new season on our YouTube page.

As a CEO, I’ve always striven to ensure that we put our clients’ education first. I want everyone who relies on us for their precious metals to be able to build their portfolios with confidence and peace of mind, and that often comes from a greater understanding of the role gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can play in building and protecting wealth. That level of dedication to client education is another big part of what makes us America’s Gold Authority®, and it’s something I hope our clients see and recognize as they work to increase their own financial literacy.


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