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Here’s What Clients Really Think About America’s Gold Authority


Written by John Rothans

Feb 26, 2021

When you buy gold, you’re doing more than converting paper money into a physical gold coin or bar. You’re putting your trust in the gold distributor and moving your paper dollars into the power of precious metals. That’s an important decision, not a mere transaction. You have to trust the company you work with. Here we share with you, through genuine customer reviews, what you can expect when you choose U.S. Money Reserve as your partner and how we came to be known as America’s Gold Authority®—a distributor that’s served more than 550,000 clients and counting.

The USMR Difference

We Prioritize Education

Financial literacy equips you with the knowledge you need to manage your money effectively. Sounds simple enough, but few people have the necessary money know-how to set themselves up for success. The numbers prove it.

  • An outstanding 64% of Americans will retire with less than $10,000 to their name, and 45% claim they have no money set aside for retirement (2019 GOBankingRates survey).
  • Only 41% of Americans can cover a $1,000 emergency with savings (2020 Bankrate poll).
  • Just 29% of Americans are “financially healthy,” meaning they spend, save, and plan to use their money in ways that ensure long-term success (U.S. Financial Health Pulse 2019 Trends Report).

At U.S. Money Reserve, we recognize the need for financial education so you can make the most informed decisions for your money and your future—two things that you should never compromise. Financial intelligence is essential for growing and protecting wealth.

Our team of professionals takes the time to explain all of the important details about purchasing government-issued legal tender. William experienced this care firsthand.

“I’ve always had a portfolio of stocks…[but] no one ever talked about gold as part of your portfolio. Until I happened to come across U.S. Money Reserve, and I made a phone call, and I happened to get a representative. And I told him right away, ‘Look, I’m new at this. I don’t know anything about gold….’ He gave me the information that I needed. He didn’t try to sell me anything. All he did was tell me the facts about gold.” —William C.

We Put Your Future First

A financially healthy future is one that sets you up for success with your long-term goals in mind. Gold is a unique asset that’s been around for thousands of years, and it’s not a “quick fix.” It’s a unique, longstanding vehicle for preserving wealth for yourself and generations to come.

We don’t believe in quick fixes, and neither do our customers. They wouldn’t be where they are today without years of hard work, perseverance, and commitment. We respect their hard work and want to help them bolster their futures with precious metals. We helped Dan R. and Diane B., and we can help you, too.

Dan operated cranes for 34 years and looked to U.S. Money Reserve for help protecting his money outside of the stock market.

“Precious metals have given me security in my life. Knowing that my family is taken care of. Knowing that my future is taken care of. I think U.S. Money Reserve does a fantastic job. Their values and their morals make them an awesome company…. What they’ve done for me in my portfolio…I couldn’t ask for anything better. I really couldn’t. I’m well ahead.” —Dan R.

Diane always prioritized hard work, too, and she contacted U.S. Money Reserve after her portfolio took a “tremendous hit” during the 2008 financial crisis.

“Physical gold is something that you have control over; it’s in your hands. Gold is something that you can use for survival…. Now I feel a lot more comfortable with the fact that we have found physical gold and that we have a more diversified portfolio, that if things do fall apart—which I don’t see how they can not fall apart—that we’re going to be able to manage.” —Diane B.

We Know Your Portfolio Is More Than Money

Your portfolio is more than dollar signs and decimals, especially when it’s padded with precious metals. It’s peace of mind that you’ll be able to enjoy coffee on the porch with your spouse when you retire. It can serve as a store of wealth that keeps you excited for your grandkids’ futures. It can act as a safety net to help catch you if the economy takes a turn for the worse.

U.S. Money Reserve clients like Katie W. turn to gold to help take care of their loved ones.

“One of the reasons I bought gold was because I want to create an inheritance for my children and my grandchildren…. I feel like that gold and silver [is] a tangible, hands-on inheritance, whereas your dollar is backed by nothing.” —Katie W.

And Diane? Diane’s dreams of retirement with her husband are back on track after the 2008 financial crisis.

“My husband’s worked very hard all of his life, and we’re really looking forward to our retirement and doing things together…. I still am in love after all these years with the same man, and I would like to spend some time with him before leaving this world…. With the gold that I have now, our chances of being able to spend time and be comfortable and enjoy the things that we truly like to do together are still possibly intact, even though everything else is looking pretty, pretty scary for the future.” —Diane B.

Start Your Gold Journey with a Partner You Can Trust

Experience the U.S. Money Reserve difference for yourself. You’ll see how we prioritize education, put your future first, and appreciate that your portfolio is far more than numbers on a page. Contact a knowledgeable Account Executive for a one-on-one consultation today. Call us with any questions you may have about precious metals, coins, bars, or gold IRAs.


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