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Welcome to Our 400th “Gold News & Views”!


Written by Angela Roberts

Jul 28, 2022

When I saw that this was to be our 400th edition of “Gold News & Views,” I almost couldn’t believe it. But it’s true—nearly every week, for more than seven-and-a-half-years, we’ve brought you insights into the financial and precious metals news of the day, along with additional information and tips to help you make more informed decisions regarding your own financial future. And we’re nowhere near done.

There’s always more to learn, more topics to explore, and more that we can do to help protect our financial future. This brings me to our topic this week: enjoying the journey.

When it comes to diversifying your portfolio, you can enjoy the freedom to have fun.

Couple happily working on laptop with receipts and other paperwork

This entire month, we’ve been focusing on different freedoms—financial freedom, freedom from financial stress, and more. For our last “Gold News & Views” of July 2022, and especially for our 400th edition, I’d like to discuss the freedom to have fun.

I have always taken great joy in learning new things. That sort of hunger for knowledge has helped me become the CEO I am today, and I can’t understate how important new information and a love of learning are to our business. Our researchers at U.S. Money Reserve continually provide our dedicated Account Executives with new information regarding the current state of the economy, the precious metals markets, and analysts’ predictions for the future. This knowledge, in turn, allows our Account Executives to better help our clients make educated decisions regarding their portfolios.

In short, a love of learning can be a big help as you continue along your diversification journey, making the research part of your efforts much more fun and providing you with additional peace of mind when making selections for your asset mix.

In particular, selecting your precious metals can be an incredibly fun experience.

Gold and silver coins and bars

Whether you search through our online shop or discuss your options over the phone with an Account Executive, you can have so much fun exploring the wide world of precious metals products. From gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to bars to coins of varying denominations, weights, designs, and finishes, the nearly limitless combinations that can make up a precious metals portfolio may invite you to spend hours exploring.

You may even want to get your loved ones involved, especially if they may inherit your physical precious metals someday. Enjoy time with your children, grandchildren, or other loved ones examining the wide and varied world of precious metals, and pick the products that fit your unique financial situation and goals. With nearly endless choices, there’s no telling how many hours of fun you can enjoy building your precious metals portfolio.

The fun doesn’t stop after your first precious metals purchase.

Just as we’ve enjoyed bringing you 400 weeks of “Gold News & Views,” you can enjoy connecting with your dedicated Account Executive over the years as you continue to build your precious metals portfolio. New offerings are made available all the time, meaning there’s always more fun to be had exploring new and exciting options.

One last note: To those of you who have been with us for the last 400 editions of this column, I would like to say a sincere “thank you.” We’re nothing without our clients and the community of precious metals education they have helped us create. So here’s to number 400—and here’s to 400 more in the years to come!

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