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Connecting Generations


Written by Angela Roberts

May 13, 2020

During the past couple months, the importance of family has shone especially bright. Many of us have been able to turn to our families for comfort in these distressing times. I know this is true for me, and when I talk to others, I hear the same sentiments echoed.

For some Americans, family has been their only source of person-to-person contact for weeks.

For others, missing their families has been the hardest part of quarantine. Communicating with faraway family members, be it through video chat, phone calls, or text messages, has been significant in terms of stress relief.

Over the years, when I have talked to other parents about their children, a topic that has come up several times is what they want to leave behind for their children when they depart this life. Many want to leave behind for their children lasting memories, a solid financial footing, and something their children can hold on to.

They want to leave behind a legacy.

Interestingly enough, when these discussions arise, people recall what their parents left them. Among the items that are brought up, many are physical heirlooms.

Items that hold value for people simply because their parents left them can be peculiar. A piece of bric-a-brac that would just be common object to many gains significant importance merely from being imparted by a loving parent.

Other times, the items have obvious value in their own right, which is only enhanced by the fact they were left behind, like rare antiques and collectables, or fine objects such as china, artwork, or jewelry. These items are treasured both for their inherent value and the value they may have on the market.

One acquaintance of mine talked about something her father left her. It was a very expensive item that her father, a hardworking man who made a decent living, worked especially hard and scrimped and scraped to save over years to be able to afford. It was something he felt especially important to give to his children. As time has gone by, even though the item has seen monetary gains, his daughter does not want to sell it. She knows what her father went through to acquire it and considers it a family heirloom.

The item was a set of coins.

When I hear these stories, I am proud to be in the precious metals industry. It means a lot to me to know how much precious metals and especially complete sets of coins, mean to people. The way these beautiful objects can be used as something symbolic beyond just their monetary significance. There are millions of American’s who have been fortunate enough to be handed down these treasures and from what they tell me, many of these fortunate sons and daughters plan to hand these down to the next generation.


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