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Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins?


Written by John Rothans

Jun 17, 2024

You already recognize the important role gold can play in strengthening your portfolio and protecting your wealth. But have you ever wondered about different forms of gold?

There are a variety of well-known certified coins and bullion coins to choose from, but gold bars are also an option that could help you reach your financial goals. While bars are often overshadowed by their more familiar coin counterparts, there are several reasons to consider incorporating gold bars into your precious metals portfolio. Read on to learn more about the unique benefits of buying gold bars and gold coins.

Advantages of Buying Gold Bars

Bars are rectangular slabs of gold (typically of .999 fineness or higher) and are produced in sizes ranging from 1 oz. to 1 kilo, with many sizes in between. Like coins, gold bars are portable, private, and liquid, though their advantages are often less understood than those of gold coins.

Fast, High-Volume Diversification

Gold bars are ideal for high-volume gold diversification. Due to their size and simplicity, gold bars are one of the fastest ways you can build your precious metals portfolio, essentially in as little time as it takes to process your payment and ship your order. When time is of the essence, buying gold bars can be a fast-track to large-scale gold ownership.

More Ounces, For Less

If you're looking to buy physical gold at the lowest price per ounce, gold bars could be a great option, as bars tend to cost less than coins when comparing ounce-for-ounce prices.

For example, a 10 oz. gold bar in 2024 costs about $23,700, while ten 1 oz. Gold American Eagle coins costs about $25,000. That's a savings of $1,300, which you could use to further diversify your portfolio with various 1/10 oz. gold coins or 1 oz. Silver American Eagle coins. Why the cost difference? This leads us to our next benefit…

Lower Average Premium

In general, premiums on gold bars tend to be lower than those for gold coins of the same weight and fineness. Why? It all boils down to production costs. Gold coins can be more expensive to produce than gold bars due to their intricate design, emphasis on condition and appearance, and thus greater labor and machining costs. Plus, the price of a gold bar is primarily based on its weight. With some gold coins, like certified coins, the rarity and grade of the coin are also considered in the final price, so gold content isn't the only factor influencing how much the coin will cost you in the end.

Easy Storage

The compact size, durability, and portability of gold bars allow for a variety of easy storage options. Gold bars can be stacked or stored side by side, with or without protective packaging. A gold bar can also take up less space than the same number of ounces in coins, depending on the type of coin and your storage method.

Privately Minted

Most gold bars are available from trusted government and private minting institutions alike, including from the internationally renowned Perth Mint in Australia, Johnson Matthew, and Royal Canadian Mint. The United States Mint, however, does not produce gold bars. Even though many gold bars are not government-issued, high-quality bars still come with added assurances like a well-recognized hallmark from the bar's manufacturer and a stamp that includes the bar's weight, purity, refiner, and registration number.

Easy to Buy & Sell

Gold bars are just plain gold, pure and simple. Because of this, they're one of the easiest forms of the precious metal to understand. For the most part, there are no intricate designs or special finishes that must be preserved to near-perfection, and a bar typically doesn't have historical significance that's limited to one culture or country. Given this simplicity, gold bars can be easy to buy and sell, as they're accessible and appealing to a variety of buyers—both commercial, private, domestic, or international.

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Advantages of Buying Gold Coins

When it comes to precious metals, coins are one of the more widely known forms of gold ownership. Ever since King Croesus of Lydia ordered the first gold coin to be struck around 550 BC, civilizations around the world have been fascinated by the allure of gold coins—an allure that remains strong today.


Size, finish, design, price, grade, rarity, origin—your options are nearly endless when it comes to gold coins. Choose from gold bullion coins, proof coins, or collectibles depending on your individual goals, budget, and personal preference.

Legal Tender

Some gold coins are minted by sovereign governments who guarantee each coin’s gold content, weight, and purity. Designs are approved by a legislative body and advisory committee, ensuring consistency and design integrity.


Gold coins offer flexibility given the wide range of prices, designs, and sizes. You can buy and sell both small and large amounts, spreading your activity over longer periods of time to take advantage of different gold prices.

Numismatic Potential

Unlike bars, some gold coins have numismatic potential. This means that in addition to their intrinsic metal value, they also have a proven high rate of appreciation based on their rarity, condition, and demand. Like art, their “worth” includes historic and aesthetic appeal.


Gold coins can also make great gifts, as they're often stamped with a date and can be given to commemorate important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. A coin's design, too, can also hold special meaning to both the giver and the recipient, meaning that goes far beyond the coin's monetary appeal.

Bars or coins, peace of mind is worth its weight in gold

Every year, in-ground gold reserves are becoming harder to access and more expensive to mine. With the amount of remaining in-ground gold dwindling each year, owning some gold may be better than owning no gold.

Together, gold bars and gold coins can work side-by-side to fortify your precious metals portfolio against life's many uncertainties and help bring you peace of mind. Think of it like making sure your home’s doors and windows are locked. Checking one is great. Checking both is better.

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