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Stay Balanced: Why Gold is the Financial Move to Consider Now


Written by John Rothans

May 28, 2019

What many people often don’t realize—until it’s too late—is that an off-balance asset strategy can have serious financial consequences. The concept is similar to having poor balance in life, a situation that can leave you with broken bones and other injuries.

But with gold, you can balance your asset strategy. You can better avoid a crippling financial fall. A diversified portfolio is crucial to maintaining your personal financial strength in the event of unforeseen economic conditions that upset global markets.

Here, you'll learn how to build a better financial future with the security of gold, but you'll want to download the full special report for all of the essential insight. You'll discover how:

  • Owning gold is an essential strategy that provides long-term diversification benefits.
  • Gold is an insurance policy, particularly in times of financial unrest.
  • Gold has outperformed major asset classes over time.

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Trouble Around the Corner?

For portfolios that largely favor stocks, recent times may have looked good. After all, the U.S. is enjoying one of the longest periods of economic expansion in its history.

And that right there could be the problem. Even the most optimistic among us must concede that such conditions can't continue forever. At some point, a market correction is all but certain.

Will it happen this month? This quarter? This year?

No one knows the specific date. But everyone seems to know it’s coming—a decade of economic expansion probably won’t grow into two decades of economic expansion.

Simply pick a corner of the globe. You’ll find hotspots with the potential to grow into raging fires:

  • China and trade
  • The U.K. and confusion over Brexit
  • North Korea’s unpredictability
  • Venezuela’s economic disaster

These are just a few potential flashpoints highlighted on the Council on Foreign Relations' global conflict tracker. Without striking the right balance, a portfolio designed around the idea that owning stocks in different companies is “diversified” could suffer a big hit in an economic downturn caused by those or any other worldwide issues.

Some strategies may help, but the clock is ticking on any action you take.

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Achieving Balance with Gold

Following the 2008 financial crisis, Americans looked at a variety of long-term assets and decided gold topped them all. From 2011 to 2014, Americans had more confidence in gold as a long-term asset than they did in real estate, stocks/mutual funds, and savings accounts, notes Gallup.

It makes sense. At a time when economic confidence was so low, where better to turn for financial stability—that all-important equilibrium—than the same precious metal that has served as a financial cornerstone for millennia? Adding gold to a portfolio contributes much-needed defense against the volatility of traditional paper assets such as stocks and bonds.

Financial advisors understand, which is why they recommend gold as an alternative asset: it carries a low correlation to paper assets and provides high liquidity.

Some experts recommend allocating anywhere between 10–25% of your portfolio towards tangible assets, like gold and other precious metals. Your allocation of gold, though, will vary based upon the moves necessary to achieve personal wealth balance.

Now's the time to ask yourself: Are you properly diversified?

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What Makes Gold Shine?

People are turning to gold now more than ever for a few reasons, more of which you can read about in the latest special report.

1. Profit Potential (Wealth Accumulation)

Gold has improved portfolio performance by providing positive returns over time, even outperforming major asset classes. Like most assets held in your portfolio, a long-term approach is key.

Gold’s total return over a 15-year period has not only delivered positive results over the long run, but it has outperformed traditional assets like stocks and bonds.

Asset performance of gold, U.S. stocks, and U.S. bonds over the last 15 years

2. Balance Boost

Placing $100,000 into a stocks-only portfolio in 2000 would’ve increased to about $236,000 today. A nice gain, right? Well, if you had diversified with stocks AND gold, the increase would’ve reached $302,000 or more.

The Power of Diversifying with Gold

3. Inflation Hedge

Gold is one of the most effective ways to protect your purchasing power against a falling dollar. Keep this in mind: the dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Over the same period, gold is 61 times greater than its original price.

4. Controlled by You

Physical gold is a tangible asset owned by you and under your control. It carries no counter-party risks, which means there’s no risk of nonpayment or bankruptcy since its value isn’t contingent upon someone else’s promise to perform.

5. Liquidity with a Global Reach

Need to convert an asset into cash? With gold in your portfolio, it’s a straightforward deal. Since good is portable and durable, it’s an ideal liquidity solution.

And since gold is a globally recognized financial asset, that liquidity is possible practically anywhere in the world—with or without the watchful eyes of governments peering over your shoulder.

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Balance Your Portfolio Now

One popular website that dispenses financial information states that retirees “hopefully” have a plan capable of withstanding shifting market conditions.

Whether you’re a retiree or busy professional, “hopefully” isn’t a strategy. But diversification is.

U.S. Money Reserve offers an exclusive special report that underscores the important role gold coins and bars can play in diversifying your portfolio and bringing balance to your wealth plan, even as the winds of global economic change begin to blow. You don't have to let them throw you off balance.

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