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Spring Is a Time for New Beginnings. That Can Include Your Financial Plans.


Written by Angela Roberts

Mar 3, 2022

This year, spring will officially start on Sunday, March 20, 2022. Spring is a time of year that symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. For many of us, it also represents the time of year when we give our homes a nice, deep clean ahead of the summer months.

For some of us, it’s also a time to deep-clean our personal and financial goals—to take a look at how the first part of the year has gone and explore what’s working and what isn’t and decide how best to move forward.

There always seems to be something to worry about in financial headlines—but worrying won’t help you reach your financial goals.

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We can’t pretend that the news has been anything other than unpredictable lately. Between geopolitical strife and rising inflation, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the financial world. But uncertainty doesn’t have to mean stress and worry.

Instead, we can use that uncertainty to propel us forward, inspiring us to act sooner rather than later and prepare our portfolios the best we can for whatever may come.

Uncertainty isn’t something to fear—it’s an opportunity to exceed our own expectations. In life as in business, the best we can do is educate ourselves as much as possible and make the best decisions we can with that information. That’s not something to be worried about—that’s something to be proud of.

Now may be a great time to get a “fresh start” by diversifying your portfolio.

Especially during times of uncertainty, I like to take a fresh look at the situation with an eye for any possible opportunities for improvement.

With inflation as high as it is and political and economic uncertainty around the globe, it may be the right time to reexamine your portfolio and consider your current asset mix and level of diversification. You can look at how well your portfolio has performed for you over the last few months—especially regarding specific economic factors that you believe may continue to impact markets—and then decide if it makes sense to allocate additional funds toward non-paper assets like precious metals.

Gold has been making headlines recently because of a spike in prices that is bringing the precious metal closer to its all-time high than it has been since September 2020. That’s especially impressive when you remember that the all-time high took place in August 2020. Does this mean it’s the right time to add additional precious metals to your portfolio? That’s up to you—but now may be a great time to act and give your financial plans and portfolio a fresh start by diversifying in a way that may help better protect your wealth in the coming months and years.

Acting now means more time to breathe and more peace of mind.

This is a song you’ve heard me sing time and time again: Opportunity requires action, and action withheld is opportunity lost.

To put it simply, we can’t allow the uncertainty of the immediate future to keep us from taking actions that may benefit us in the long term. We have to keep our heads up, look for opportunities, and forge ahead armed with the best information we can gather.

March is a great time to do a little portfolio “spring cleaning” and reevaluate your diversification strategies. In doing so, you’ll want to make the most educated decisions possible—which is why U.S. Money Reserve works diligently to provide our clients with as much high-quality information as possible regarding precious metals, as well as the best quality of service possible.


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