Our Gold & Silver Holiday Gift Guide

Gold & Silver: The Top 4 Coins to Gift This Holiday Season

Maybe it's time we expand the traditional holiday colors of red and green… to gold and silver!

Here’s why: unlike many holiday gifts being exchanged this year, giving gold and silver coins as gifts will leave a lifelong impression upon the recipient.

For the art and history buff: A Gold American Buffalo Coin1 oz. Gold American Buffalo coin

America’s frontier times. The Battle of Little Bighorn. The first moving assembly line. The presidency of Woodrow Wilson. The Enron trial.

Wondering what connects such a wide array of historic touchpoints?

It’s the 1 oz. Gold American Buffalo Coin:

  • Famed American artist James Earle Fraser, who designed the original “Buffalo Nickel,” derived inspiration from his father’s tales of frontier America and his experience during the aftermath of the Battle of Little Bighorn.
  • The coin baring Fraser’s original artwork debuted in 1913, the same year Woodrow Wilson settled into the Oval Office. This was also, incidentally, the same year Henry Ford debuted the moving assembly line.
  • After 16 weeks of testimony and six days of jury deliberations, the Enron trial comes to an end in 2006, which is when the American Buffalo was released to the public under Public Law 109-145, also called the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005.

Gold coins generally make a terrific gift idea. But few coins are as imbued with American history as the Gold American Buffalo. Is a history buff or art aficionado on your holiday list? Here’s the gift for them.

Fraser’s profile of a Native American man—possibly a composite of three Native American leaders—as well as his rendition of the famed Black Diamond American buffalo have genuinely never looked better than they do here. Both images are stunning works of art presented with an astonishing level of detail.

For the person who means so much: The Silver American Eagle Coin

U.S. Money Reserve's 1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin featuring Lady LibertyEveryone has a special someone in their life. The sister who is always there. The strong and supportive spouse. The lifelong friend. That person deserves something above and beyond a twinkling pendant or bottle of fine wine.

They deserve recognition that shines with the strength and pageantry of America. And the 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin is their perfect gift.

Forget tinsel and icicles: for something that really catches the light this holiday season, rely on the purity of .999 silver coins minted with the memorable impressions of Walking Liberty (designed by Adolph A. Weinman) and a heraldic eagle (designed by John Mercanti).

For those who served: The Pearl Harbor Gold Coin

1/10 oz Pearl Harbor Gold Coin

Here is a solid gold coin that honors the proud legacy of America’s Naval heroes, unlike any other tribute can.

Gifting this coin is more than an expression of love and admiration. It also helps acknowledge the Lone Sailor Statue at the National Park Service’s Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Funds from the initial proceeds of this coin went to fund the statue, which was unveiled on the 225th birthday of the U.S. Navy last year.

Despite the coin's clear evocation of the Navy, any member of America’s armed forces—Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine—will be proud to display the 1/10 oz. Pearl Harbor Gold Coin.

For those who represent our future: The Gold American Eagle Coin

1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin, View of FrontThe young men and women in your life will face many challenges on the road to becoming tomorrow’s leaders. Share a special message with them through a gift of the 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin.

That message might relate to the protective way the mother eagle wraps her wings around the eaglets on the coin's reverse side. Or maybe that message is about planning for the future and establishing a retirement plan that includes a precious metals strategy. After all, the 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin has the distinction of being accepted by the Internal Revenue Code for inclusion in IRAs.

A golden holiday gift idea

Referring to something as “solid gold” means it holds remarkable importance. Whether the presents you hand out this holiday season include gold or silver coins, rest assured that your loved ones will consider each one a solid gold gift.

Buy your gold and silver coin gifts at U.S. Money Reserve, America's Gold Authority®. Unlike other gifts, precious metals never go out of style and never break. Gold and silver gifts keep on giving!


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