Why This Bear Market Will Be Different (Free Report!) U.S. Money Reserve Market Insights

Aug 6, 2018

In our latest USMR Market Insights, Coy Wells discusses a helpful, new tool that can help prepare you for what’s to come for the longest bull market on record.

Why This Bear Market Will Be Different (Free Report!)- Video Transcription

Coy Wells:               00:00
Hello, my name is Cory wells with U.S. Money Reserves Market Insights. As you probably already know, we're just now entering the longest bull market in history and here at U.S. Money Reserve, we want you to have access to all the facts in a timely manner. So what we've just released is the new book that we've put out here, ‘why the bear market will be different' and this is exactly what we've been talking about for the past few weeks. Inside this booklet is information and the very first section is going to talk about the overvaluation. This is where the Shiller index or the Cape ratio will be able to help you understand and identify what the news is actually talking about. We hear on the news almost every single day that the stock market is overvalued, but inside this booklet it will give you the information that you need to know and how to understand what over valuation actually means.
Coy Wells:               00:45
The reason why this is important is they tell you it's overvalued, but they don't tell you how it's measured or they don't tell you how overvalued it actually is. Further on in the book and the information, It's going to give you seven reasons why this market is going to be different than the ones in the past. It's going to tell us whether the Federal Reserve has the actual tools to be able to extend any further than we were already at and how much trouble we're actually in right now. There's a lot of great information here. If you call the number on your screen right now, the US money reserve representative, we'll send you a copy of this report right away or for immediate access to this month's literature. You can use the link in the description below to get your own ebook right now. As always, thank you for watching us money reserves market insights.


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