U.S. Money Reserve Reviews – Tom’s Testimonial

Tom, U.S. Money Reserve Client
Sep 26, 2017

Watch to see why Tom, a doctor and long-time client, trusts U.S. Money Reserve and looks to back his finances with gold coins and gold bars.


Tom's Testimonial – Video Transcript


Well, in my particular job, I'm an ER physician, in a day I can see 20 or 30 people, and each one is different. Each one of them has its own puzzle to solve, but when you see business owners that come into the ER, I don't always talk to them about it, but like if they make a comment, let's say about the economy, then you know that you can kind of get into those types of conversations with those kinds of guys. And they're definitely aware of what's going on. There's no question about it. I already knew that gold and silver were important. If you don't trust the economy, the only way you can hedge yourself is with tangible assets. Tangible assets are things that you can hold in your hand where you can have in your possession. Those are the things that are going to maintain their value because they're not going to go away when the dollars go away. I didn't know this before I had gold, like the peace of mind that would give me. So when I have that gold in my hand and, and I start reading the paper and I'm like, “oh, the economy's about to screw up again and the inflation is eroding my dollar.” I know that, that gold in my hand, it could get me through a few years of my life if the dollar fails. And that's peace of mind, I mean that's one of the benefits that I saw of contacting U.S. Money Reserve. My representative made some really good points when he was talking about the numismatic coins and also the even more rare type coins, the ones that have a limited edition for their minting. I never even thought about that, and that's just sort of like an added bonus when it comes to, you have the value of the gold inside the coin, but then you have the added bonus of having a rare coin that to a collector in the future might be worth even more than what its weight value, the metal. I like U.S. Money Reserve because they're professional, they're knowledgeable, they're easy to work with. I have a personal relationship with them and for peace of mind when it comes to buying gold and silver in this day and age, those are the things that you really want.


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