U.S. Money Reserve Reviews – Diane's Testimonial

Diane, U.S. Money Reserve Client
May 1, 2018

Watch to see why Diane and her husband, long-time clients, trusts U.S. Money Reserve and looks to back her finances with gold coins and gold bars.

Diane Testimonial – Video Transcription

Diane: 00:01
In 2008, the whole thing collapsed. We had quite a nice portfolio going at that time and we took a tremendous hit. We weren't diversified. We ended up having to reinvest. We ended up having to start all over again. I just felt like right now we need to prepare and I want something in my hands. I don't want to depend on somebody else. You know, it's fine to have an accountant. It's fine to have investments. Physical gold is something that you have control over. It's in your hands. Gold is something that you can use for survival.
Announcer: 00:38
Today the U.S. Money Reserve is releasing official Gold American Eagle coins at cost for the incredible price of only $134 each. These government issued gold coins are official US legal, tender made from solid gold mined here in America and fully backed by the United States government for their gold, weight, purity, and content. Call now to purchase your gold American Eagles for the amazing price of only $134 each.
Diane: 01:08
I feel a lot more comfortable today than we were in 2008 because I feel like this is the direction that I really need to go in with the gold that I have now our chances of being able to spend time and be comfortable and enjoy the things that we truly like to do together are still possibly intact even though everything else is looking pretty, pretty scary for the future, but I feel like now we're really a lot more diversified and better off today.
Announcer: 01:42
Announcer: 01:42 United States Money Reserve is America's Gold Authority and it has served hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Do not delay. Call now to purchase your gold American Eagles for the amazing price of only $134 each. Call now.


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