U.S. Money Reserve Reviews – Bill’s Testimonial

Bill, U.S. Money Reserve Client
May 1, 2018

Watch to see why Bill, a long-time client, trusts U.S. Money Reserve and why he’s chosen to protect his wealth with gold.


Bill's Testimonial – Video Transcription

Bill: 00:01
I'm happy, I'm happy that I have gold. I have gold as a hedge against inflation. I know that this is the only thing that represents real money and it's not the price of gold, it's the value of gold that's important.
Narrator: 00:21
Today, the U.S. Money Reserve is releasing official Gold American Eagle coins at cost for the incredible price of only $134 each. These government issued gold coins are official U.S. legal tender made from solid gold mined here in America and fully backed by the United States government for their gold weight, purity, and content. Call now to purchase your Gold American Eagles for the amazing price of only $134 each.
Bill 00:48
I happened to come across U.S. Money Reserve, and I made a phone call and I happened to get a representative and I told him right away: “look, I'm new at this. I don't know anything about gold.” To make a long story short, I ended up buying gold for the first time, and boy was I excited. U.S. Money Reserve is a company that I feel is trustworthy. It's a company of know how and I feel that U.S. Money Reserve knows how to do business. I will always be buying gold from this company.
Narrator: 01:46
United States Money Reserve is America's Gold Authority and it has served hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Do not delay, call now to purchase your Gold American Eagles for the amazing price of only $134 each. Call now.


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