The Inflation Clock is Ticking USMR Market Insights

Sep 6, 2018

Over $4 TRILLION in U.S. currency was printed between 2008-2016. Despite this, why haven't we experienced a major inflation spike? We may be long overdue for such an event.

The Inflation Clock is Ticking- Video Transcription

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So this week we've been seeing a lot of news in regards to the stock market. We've seen just about every single index all across the board hitting new all time highs. The Dow Jones has crossed over 26,000 points once again, and everybody's happy and making money. The problem is, there is something that the media is not really talking about. They will eventually, but there's a big, big issue underlying with the actual stock market itself. If you'll remember under the last administration, the Obama administration, we printed more money in those eight years, than all of the presidents before Obama combined. They printed over four and a half trillion dollars. Now everybody knows the number one cause of inflation is the excessive printing of money out of thin air with nothing backing it. But the fact of the matter is we've seen four and a half trillion dollars printed out of thin air and we haven't seen one lick of inflation from it yet.
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So the big question everybody's been asking is, why? Well, the reason being is because none of that money has actually hit the economy yet. All of that money was printed out of thin air and instead of the bank's loaning the money out to the population, they turned around and shoved it into the stock market. The one area that's been going gang busters over the last eight or nine years. So the question is, and we're starting to see a little bit more of this in the media, is when will the next recession take place? Because once it does, that's when all that newly printed money is going to come flooding out of the stock market into the economy at once and many economists believe it will cause an inflationary period worst than anything seen since the Jimmy Carter era. With that being said, if you'd like to get more information on this, you can pick up our current gold report, which is ‘why this bear market will be different' and it gives you several different reasons and topics of discussion that explain why we're going to go into a different type of bear market once it finally en suits.
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So if you'd like to get this report, simply call the number on your screen and we will send it out to you. If you'd like instant access, click on the link and we will send it to your email immediately. For today, that's all. Thank you for tuning in to u.s. Money Reserve's, market insights.


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