Modern American Coins Part I – The Gold American Eagle: Did You Know?

Modern American Coins Part 1: The Gold American Eagle - Did You Know?
Dec 9, 2019

First minted in 1986, the Gold American Eagle Coin is one of the world's most popular gold bullion coins, not only for its gold content and iconic design, but also for its historical significance and important role as a portfolio diversifier. Learn more about Gold American Eagle coins in today’s episode of “Did You Know.”

Modern American Coins Part I – The Gold American Eagle: Did You Know? – Video Transcription

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The gold American Eagle has been minted since 1986 when president Ronald Reagan signed into law public law 99-185 also known as the gold bullion coin act of 1985. aThe modern Eagles were modeled after the 1907 $20 Saint-Gaudens design. Each year the U S mint produces four different sizes of the gold American Eagle coins. The U S mint produces one 10th troy ounce, one quarter troy ounce and half troy ounce, also known as fractionals and the one troy ounce. These four coins make up a complete set and are available in both bullion and proof versions.

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While the bullion version of the gold American Eagle must be produced in sufficient quantity to meet public demand. The proof version is produced only when the U S mint is able to, if at all. Since the U S mint was established in 1792, six coveted years stand apart from all of the rest. From 1986 to 1991 rare and Roman numeral dating was featured on the first proof gold Eagles, whereas every gold American Eagle minted after 1992 is produced with Arabic numerals. In addition to the gold American Eagle bullion coins in 1986 only the $50 proof Eagle was minted. In 1987 only the 25 and $50 proof Eagles were minted. The next key year was 1994 with the first year that all four denominations were minted at the prestigious U S mint at West Point. And in 2009 no proof Eagle coins were minted at all.

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