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Oct 16, 2017

Stocks, cash, or gold? In this short video, you'll learn why physical gold is the right choice, how you can make money with gold, and why now might be the best time to buy.

Make Money with Gold!- Video Transcription

You can make money with gold and the real gold rush is just beginning because gold prices have more than doubled in less than a decade. So that begs the age old question: Stocks, cash, or gold? I want to show you what happened to physical gold buyers in that same time period. Guard, bring in the cash and gold. This is fifty thousand dollars in gold. In 2007 right before the big crash, gold was around six hundred dollars per ounce. If you had purchased gold back then, this is the gold your money would have bought you. That means that the gold buyers back then doubled their money. Exactly. Let me show you what that original fifty thousand dollars looks like today. Guard, BRING IN THE MONEY. That original fifty thousand dollars in gold is now worth more than one hundred thousand dollars.

So you're saying now that the gold prices, by simply doubling now, the gold right here on this table that you originally paid just fifty thousand dollars for, now it's worth one hundred thousand dollars. I mean it's an amazing rate of return and some of the experts now are predicting that the price of gold could go to over five thousand dollars an ounce.

If gold prices were to go to five thousand dollars an ounce. This original fifty thousand dollars in gold would be worth more than four hundred thousand dollars. Eight times the original investment. No.
Really? Four hundred thousand. This is just a ton of money. Now the original fifty thousand dollars that could be worth over four hundred thousand dollars right now. You look at this, it's just astounding.
Fifty thousand dollars worth of gold could be worth over four hundred thousand dollars.

I've got to tell you this really hits home now. Gold is on the move. So now is the time to buy. Just in case it doubles or triples or even quadruples the price at some point. I get it. And I think everybody at home should to.
Pick up the phone and get started by taking advantage of this limited time special gold released from the U.S. money reserve for only one hundred thirty four dollars each. Get your share today.


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