Is An Economic Reversal Imminent? USMR Market Insights

blue stock chart displaying that an economic reversal may or may not be imminent
Nov 19, 2018

The latest report from the International Monetary Fund is warning that investor confidence in the global economy could be waning in the near future. What are the implications of this outcome and will your money be safe?

Is An Economic Reversal Imminent?- Video Transcription

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This week, the International Monetary Fund or IMF has stated that growth is slowing in a number of the world's biggest economies and the IMF is warning that investor sentiment couldn't make a sudden reversal for the worse. Although still supportive of growth, global financial conditions have started to tighten, according to the fund's latest regional economic outlook report. But the IMF has also stated that higher interest rates, a stronger US dollar and financial market volatility, could bring pressure in some of the markets and developing economies. A worsening of these developments or faster than anticipated monetary policy tightening, in advanced economies- it increases the risk of sudden reversal in global risk appetite and the stock market itself. This information and these reports are very important to the stability of our economy as well as our markets and we have to stay in tune with these topics. However, the media does not really like to speak of these things very often because they do not want to add or feed info that's going to increase the negative sentiment and investors.
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They don't like to talk about these topics until after it's already happened. Just like the government never fully recognizes that we're in a recession until we're already six months into it. With that being said, if you'd like to get more information on this topic to educate yourself more in what's happening, you can pick up the latest report from U.S. Money Reserve by calling the number on your screen or clicking on the link in the description. This is really helpful info that can show you how to protect yourself and your portfolio from the effects of these things taking place in the global economy and give you the key things to look at when it comes to the direction of our economic cycle. So please call the number on your screen to get your copy and as always, thank you for tuning in to U.S. Money Reserves, Market Insights.


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