Gold in Dentistry: Did You Know?

Did You Know? - Gold in Dentistry
Jan 13, 2020

Dentistry has smiled upon gold since ancient times. From practical applications, to aesthetic uses, gold continues to fill important roles for the field today. If you’re interested in learning more, watch today’s episode of U.S. Money Reserve’s “Did You Know?”

Gold in Dentistry: Did You Know? – Video Transcription

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Gold has been used in dentistry since ancient times. The Phoenicians, Etruscans, and Romans all utilize gold for restorative and aesthetic dental modifications. Gold is ideal for dental fillings due to its longevity and resilience to wear. Despite a switch towards cheaper fillings, gold alloy still serves as one of the longest lasting and strongest materials used for dental fillings. Gold has been used for aesthetic dental modifications even longer than it has for practical dental applications. In 800 BC, Etruscan women of high classes would often have their front teeth removed and replaced with gold bands bearing replacement teeth. The utilization of gold in decorative dental modifications and additions has continued into modern times. In the early 1980s gold grills began to receive mainstream attention, partly due to the rising popularity in hip hop culture. Today, gold still serves as an effective dental protectant popular accessory and an effective way to diversify financial assets. If you're interested in learning more about gold or other precious metals, call the number on your screen or click the link below.


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