Are YOU Safe From the Coming Crash? U.S. Money Reserve Market Insights

Aug 23, 2018

Many in the baby boomer generation have a greater understanding of the economic trends within our nation and are aware of the potential downturn in our future. We are seeing many notable veterans of the market, diversifying and pulling out of stocks in anticipation.

Are YOU Safe From the Coming Crash?- Video Transcription

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This morning, marketwatch talked about an indicator that we've been talking about for over a year. That indicator is the Cape Ratios or Shiller index, the cyclically adjusted price to earnings. Marketwatch indicated that the Shiller index, or the Cape Ratios is now at a level that has not been seen since 1895. and not only has it not been an indicator since the last 100 years, but it's also telling us that the equities market is now time to be sold off. That means that if you have money sitting in the stock market today as a retiree or someone who's still working with money in those types of areas, your money is becoming extremely at risk. As you and I are speaking right now, the Shiller index is now sitting at 32.93. a hundred years has gone by and the Shiller index has not flashed at these levels. Those are huge indicators and when we start seeing these type of indicators in the market coming from mainstream news sources, it is important to understand what's fixing to happen in the US economy.
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In my position, it's extremely unique because we have the ability to speak to hundreds of thousands of people almost every single day. And the majority of our clients that we speak to, their age bracket is between 65 and 85 years of age. It's literally like putting your finger on the pulse of the American people and when you start having the sense from the common individual who is the working force and the baby boomers of the United States who has built this great nation, it's an indicator of what's happening. They can sense what is happening and what is fixing to take place inside the United States and that's why they are starting to move money. And we're starting to see them move money in large amounts. Transactions that are typically not seen in this industry. That's also another indicator. Last week, we gave you our newest segment, which is Why The Bear Market Will Be Different. You can click on the link below, you can leave a comment and you can also call the phone number now on your screen to talk to a representative who can provide you more information in regards to the information that's currently provided in this new segment. As always, thank you for watching US money reserves market insights.


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