Are You Prepared for the Social Security Crisis? USMR Market Insights

Sep 11, 2018

Are you worried about a secure retirement? You’re not alone. 76 percent of American workers worry that Social Security won’t be there for them when they’re ready to retire.

Are You Prepared for the Social Security Crisis?- Video Transcription

Coy Wells:               00:02
Right now, the dominoes that are sitting in the U.S. Economy or getting closer and closer. That means when the dominoes start to fall, it will have a much larger impact here in the U.S. economy. Which is why you, the consumer, must take actions now to protect your money accordingly. There's more people retiring today than there was 15, 20 and 30 and 40 years ago. And because of that, the social security is not keeping up. It's not producing enough income to pay it's outsourcing. Well if we're about 52% in outsourced income liabilities and social security starts getting in trouble and we don't have the ability to go back and print $4 trillion like we did under the Obama administration. We're talking about a difference between 52% in liabilities and then social security bearing another 32% that puts us in a huge burden position. The penalty to move the money is the concern, the capital gains that they have to pay to get all the money if it's an annuity or if the four one K or an IRA.
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If it's not mature yet, what are the penalties and costs to get out of those areas? That's why it's important to understand that even those burdens and those costs may be severe today, how much is the cost going to be at the point in time that you really need to move the money? Most of us know that the US economy is on fragile ground, most of those that are retired. The younger generation who have not had the ability to prepare financially are going to be the ones that bear the brunt. So think about the money that you have sitting in areas. I know it may be costly to move that money, but you have to start figuring out and making financial preparations now to help do that. If you call the number on your screen now, a U.S. Money Reserve representative will provide you with access to a physical copy of ‘why this bear market will be different and seven reasons not to ride it out‘. For instant access, you can use the link in the description below to get your e-book copy now.


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