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Feb 23, 2018

Watch and listen to U.S. Money Reserve's Coy Wells and Patrick Brunson talk about government representatives' forecast of a recession and why you should not wait too long to prepare yourself for an inevitable recession.

70% Chance of Recession- Video Transcript

Coy Wells:               00:00

Good morning and thank you for watching daily market insights. Today we're here with Patrick Brunson again and today we're going to talk about some of the things we've talked about in the past. One of the causes and effects of the issues we've been talking about for the last six months to a year is inflation and if you will start watching the news as we've discussed, right now inflation is being discussed in the news. Just like we said it would be. Right now inflation is increasing because the value of the dollar is starting to pull back. As they raised interest rates, the dollar will come down and inflation will be raised. The reason for that is because companies or corporations inside the United States have to raise the price of their services and goods to offset the loss on the dollar so they can continue to stay whole.

Coy Wells:               00:38

At some point in time what we're going to see is we're going to see the market start reversing the other direction because that money is we talked about is borrowed money and as interest rates go up, the market is going to be corrected. The other thing we're going to talk about is Mr. Brunson is going to discuss the cause and effect of not inflation, but how to protect your money against inflation. He's also going to talk about Ray Dalio, the hedge fund manager of Bridgewater and associates, one of the largest firms on planet earth, what he's saying and what he expects is going to happen in near future. So Brunson, why don't you tell us a little bit about that information.

Patrick Brunson:               01:08

Sure. So Mr Dalio was actually interviewed on CNBC this past, I believe it was yesterday. So he believes before the end of Trump's first term and before the next election, which is in 2020 that there's a 70% chance that we will go into a recession. He already feels that we are seeing the signs of a recession start to build up and he believes that the bubble is actually increasing. We've been talking about this for the past two, three years now because typically we see a recession every seven to eight years. Well, if you look at the past decade, we haven't seen a recession in almost 10 years. So that means we're two years overdue for one. So his call for, you know, a 70% call for a recession within the next three years, two and a half years. It's pretty spot on. So what does that actually mean for our money?

Patrick Brunson:               02:27

Well, that's the big question. If inflation kicks in and we go into a recession, that means, as Coy stated, we would start to see the cost of goods and services rise. Ultimately what that means is that the value of or the purchasing power of our dollars are dropping. So the main form of protection from a devaluing- from a dollar that's losing value, that's devaluating is and has always been gold. That's great. So we have this report that you could actually pick up, the 25 reasons to own gold, and it touches a little bit on that in this particular report. And if you'd like to get this report, you can also call the number on your screen or click on the link or even request it through our Facebook page. This is a big deal right now because if the stock market truly is going into a correction and we're going into a recession within the next 24 to 36 months, you have to prepare ahead of time. You have to be proactive, not reactive. Most Americans always wait until it's too late and they end up missing the boat.

Coy Wells:               03:06

And Patrick you're exactly correct, 110%. And folks, as we talk about this information as we have over the course of time, we've continued to ask you to look at the new sources and try to decipher the information for yourself. What we're trying to do here is give you the key elements that keep reports of what's going to happen. Along the way here, we've talked about a lot of information over the course of a year and everything we've talked about is coming to fruition and those key elements is what is crucial for you to understand and how to protect your money ahead of the curve and he's exactly correct. In this instance, we have to be proactive as opposed to being reactive. This is about preserving your money ahead of the curve. At this point in the game, those who are just now recovering and most of you have in the last two years from the recession of 2008 that lost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars,

Coy Wells:               03:50

they don't have that seven and eight years anymore. And a lot of the money that is out there is intended to go down most likely to the children or grandchildren. As we've talked about, as the government has talked about, the top experts in the country including Steve Muchin, and the individuals that are out there that worked for the government. They're telling us these warning signs. It is hard for any individual or a retiree to decipher the information that's available. Our job is to try to help break it down for you, put it in ordinary terms so you can protect yourself accordingly. And I think that most retirees that watch this segment, believe and know that a correction is on its way. They just don't know really what to do. And what they tend to do is look for warning signs and the warning signs that they normally look for would be just the stock market correcting.

Coy Wells:               04:31

You have to start looking below the surface to get the fundamental key elements, which we're trying to give you every single week in these reports. The report that Mr Brunson has is fantastic. This is a great report, 25 reasons to own gold. It will break down the reasons why, what it's done historically, how it can help you against the dollar. Uh, it's very important and as he stated, click on the phone number or the link and then the phone number below. If you have any questions, always feel free to give us a comment. And as always, thank you for watching daily market insights.


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