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Taking Distributions from a Gold IRA

In time, you will have the option to take physical possession of your precious metals held in an IRA.

Just like the funds in a conventional IRA, you cannot take physical possession of the precious metals in your self-directed IRA prior to your age of eligibility without penalty.

Once you reach 59½, distributions may be taken from a gold IRA. You must start taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your retirement account starting at age 70½ (if you were born before July 1, 1949) or age 72 (if you were born after June 30, 1949).

When the time comes, you have two choices as to how you receive your distribution: either in cash or as an “in-kind” distribution of your physical precious metals.

When taking an in-kind distribution of precious metals, you will receive the actual physical coins or other precious metals products held within your IRA. Your chosen depository will then safely and securely send your precious metals right to your door.

This strategy can be especially helpful if you are mandated to take a required minimum distribution (RMD) but do not wish to sell your precious metals until a later time. Once received, your precious metals are yours to do with as you please. You can continue to store them as a precious legacy for future generations or liquidate them at a later date and enjoy the benefits of your patience.

No matter which path you choose, U.S. Money Reserve will be there for you every step of the way.

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