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What to Do When Consumer Sentiment Reaches Record Lows


Written by Angela Roberts

Jun 30, 2022

There have been times when my kids have felt down about their performance on a school assignment or felt worried about an upcoming exam. Recent headlines have Americans feeling this exact same way. No one can predict with 100% certainty what will happen next to the stock market, the real estate market, or any asset class—and this can leave some consumers worried about their risk exposure.

In all of these situations, my response is the same: Rather than worrying about an unknowable future, use this occasion to seek opportunities for growth. So when I read on June 24, 2022, that the University of Michigan released survey results showing that U.S. consumer sentiment hit a new record low in June 2022, I once again turned to my mantra. In this time of negativity regarding the economy, what could we as consumers be doing to help protect our portfolios and seek opportunities for growth?

Inflation continues to create concerns for consumers.

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According to an article released on June 24, 2022, by CNN, the monthly Survey of Consumers shows a 14.4% drop in consumer confidence since May 2022 and shows “the lowest recorded level since the university started collecting consumer sentiment data in November 1952.” As for why consumer sentiment was so low, Surveys of Consumers Director Joanna Hsu said, “Inflation [remains] the biggest concern for consumers,” and “47% of consumers blame the sharp increase in prices for eroding their living standards.”

It’s understandable to be frustrated by higher prices at the gas pump and grocery store. Everyone’s financial situation is unique, and for many concerned Americans, those few extra dollars can be incredibly important. But that only makes it particularly important to find ways to help protect what matters from future economic turbulence.

When faced with economic uncertainty, diversification can offer peace of mind.

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I firmly believe that no challenge is insurmountable. That includes facing down a possible recession. For many consumers, diversification may be the strategy that helps bring peace of mind. Especially when consumer sentiment is historically low and people are worried about what the future may bring, knowing that you’re taking steps to protect the future for yourself and your loved ones can be very powerful.

In particular, alternative assets like precious metals can provide an extra layer of protection against market factors like inflation and negative movement in the stock market. The whole point of portfolio diversification is lowering overall risk exposure, and since precious metals have historically served as safe-haven assets when stocks fall, they may be a powerful addition to any portfolio.

So if you find yourself among the many Americans feeling concern over inflation and the economy right now, I encourage you to try and turn that concern into motivation. And if you believe that precious metals may be right for your unique financial situation, we have many resources to help you learn more and make a more informed decision.

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