1 oz. South African Gold Krugerrand

South Africa gold Krugerrand front
2015 Gold Krugerrand
South Africa gold Krugerrand front
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The South African Gold Krugerrand remains one of the most important bullion coins of the last 50 years. Struck by the South African Mint, the 1 oz. Gold Krugerrand is considered the first modern gold bullion coin for the everyday buyer. Uniquely marked with no official face value, this legal-tender coin is easily traded based on its weight in gold and current market price.

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So important is the South African Gold Krugerrand that the modern history of gold cannot be told without it. It is considered the original modern bullion coin, first issued by the South African Mint in 1967 and accounting for 90% of the global gold coin market by 1980. The South African Gold Krugerrand bears no denomination—the 1-ounce gold coin is marked only with its weight in gold—yet is so well known that it is easily recognized around the world. If you’re looking for gold bullion that helped bring gold ownership to a global market and influenced major gold-producing countries such as the United States, Australia, and Canada, you’re looking for the South African Gold Krugerrand.

Why Buy South African Gold Krugerrands?

The South African Gold Krugerrand is easily traded based on its weight in gold and current market price. As a tangible form of wealth recognized around the world, it offers an exceptional level of financial liquidity and portability. Its prestigious history and status as the father of modern gold bullion adds to its significance, inspiring a decades-long attraction from gold owners. In a world of changing financial markets, the South African Gold Krugerrand represents a degree of consistency.

  • Year: Varied
  • Denomination: NA
  • Condition: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Grading Service: NA
  • Metal Content: 1 troy oz.
  • Purity: .9167 Gold (22k)
  • Mint Mark: Not Shown (South African Mint)
  • Mint Facility/Manufacturer: South African Mint
  • Issuing Country: South Africa
  • Diameter: 32.77 mm
  • Thickness: 2.84 mm
  • Obverse Designer: Otto Schultz
  • Reverse Designer: Coert Steynberg

History of the South African Gold Krugerrand

Part of the history of the Gold Krugerrand lies within its name. “Kruger” is for former South African President Paul Kruger. “Rand,” meanwhile, is the name of South Africa’s currency. The coin was developed by the South African Mint to promote private gold ownership.

The South African Gold Krugerrand Design

Obverse Krugerrand Design: Paul Kruger

The obverse of the South African Gold Krugerrand features a timeless portrait of Paul Kruger, the former South African president and war figure. He is framed on either side by the words “SUID-AFRIKA” and the English equivalent “SOUTH AFRICA.” Perhaps the most commanding element of the Otto Schultz composition is the “lion’s mane” of Kruger’s facial hair. It’s called that because without an accompanying mustache, the hair evokes the mane of a lion. The care exhibited on the rest of the image is stunning, from the meticulous apportionment of detail to his face and hair to the precise seams and folds of his coat. It is an apt representation of a man known for his iron will.

Reverse Krugerrand Design: Galloping Springbok

Framed by the words “KRUGERRAND” (at the top) and “FYNGOUD 1 OZ FINE GOLD” (at the bottom), the majestic springbok gallops along. The springbok—an antelope known for its remarkable speed and leaping ability—is South Africa’s national animal. Its representation here was designed with respect and admiration by Coert Steynberg. The South African Gold Krugerrand’s reverse shares the same detail and fine touches as its obverse. From its magisterial horns and muscular legs to the vibrant terrain over which it travels, the Krugerrand’s springbok is nature brought to life on 1 oz. fine gold.

How Much Do Gold Kruggerands Cost?

The gold content of the South African Gold Krugerrand coin is imprinted on each piece: “Fyngoud 1 Oz Fine Gold.” As a bullion coin, a Gold Kruggerand's market value is tied almost entirely to its weight in gold (in this case, 1 oz.) and the current market price of gold, which makes it an ideal choice for liquid, short-term holding. Prices can also vary depending on the supply and demand for gold, and local, national and global economic conditions. A U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive is available for you today with more information.

Where Can I Buy Gold Krugerrands?

Did you know? You can buy Gold Kruggerands online! 1 oz. South African Gold Krugerrand coins are also available over the phone, courtesy of U.S. Money Reserve. Gold coins of this purity are potentially a great addition to your precious metals strategy, whether you're a market veteran or just getting started. If you are interested in the famed and celebrated South African Gold Krugerrand Coin, contact us today.

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