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How to Successfully Travel With Silver or Ship Silver


Written by John Rothans

Nov 19, 2021

Your granddaughter lives 1,200 miles away, and you want to surprise her with a holiday gift of silver coins. Meanwhile, your youngest son lives 700 miles away, and you’d like to give him silver bars for the holidays.

Whether you’re going to travel to visit your granddaughter or son or plan to ship those silver treasures to them, you need to keep in mind some guidelines about how to successfully travel with or ship silver. After all, you want to ensure that these treasured gifts of silver arrive safely.

How to Travel With Silver by Car

If you’re heading to a holiday destination in your car, you shouldn’t encounter any problems transporting silver coins and bars within the United States. But if you’re going to cross the border into Canada or Mexico, it’s a different matter.

Check Canada’s or Mexico’s rules about transporting silver into one of those countries ahead of your trip. In addition, notify the nearest location of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol that you’ll be going into Canada or Mexico with silver bars or coins.

If you’re traveling by car within the U.S., securely store the silver bars or coins—and never leave these precious metals unattended.

No matter where you’re going, read your homeowner’s insurance policy or contact your insurance company to see whether the silver bars or coins will be covered. Remember that auto insurance won’t cover the loss of any belongings you have in your car, including precious metals.

The guidelines for transporting silver by car also apply to transporting gold by car.

How to Travel With Silver by Bus or Train

When traveling by bus or train, be sure to adequately protect silver bars or coins during your journey. In addition, always keep an eye on the silver throughout your entire trip.

Before your trip, reach out to the bus or train operator to ask about their rules regarding the transportation of silver. And don’t forget to contact your homeowner’s insurance company about whether silver bars or coins are covered while you’re riding a bus or train.

How to Travel With Silver by Plane

If you’re taking off on a plane, your number-one priority should be to pack the silver bars or coins in your carry-on baggage rather than in checked baggage. When you carry silver in checked bags, you run the risk of it being lost, stolen, or damaged.

So that security or customs officers aren’t caught off-guard, alert them ahead of time that you’ll be transporting silver. Be prepared to produce any paperwork, such as sales receipts, that proves you own the silver. You might be required to show the silver coins or bars to the officers at the airport in a private screening area.

Typically, the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is fine with your silver going down the conveyor belt and through an x-ray machine. And the machine will not harm the silver.

During your time in the airport, don’t let anyone else see the silver and never ask someone you don’t know to keep track of a bag containing your silver. That bag should be close to you at all times.

If you’re taking the silver to another country, you might be asked to fill out declaration forms and may need to pay some taxes.

When you’re flying with gold, the same guidelines should be followed.

How to Ship Silver

Shipping silver might involve a little more planning than traveling with silver, but it can be done.

The U.S. Postal Service will let you ship silver bars or coins. However, other shippers—such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS—won’t allow you to send silver.

When sending silver via the Postal Service, use Registered Mail. This way, your silver can be insured for as much as $50,000, and you can keep track of the shipment. If you ship the silver in one of the post office’s Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, you can fill it with up to 70 pounds of bars or coins at no extra cost.

Why Buy Silver as a Gift?

Silver can be a great stocking stuffer and an even better present. Here are three reasons to give silver over the holidays.

1. Silver bars and coins are unique.

Many of us give or receive holiday gifts like electronic devices, coffee makers, clothes, gift cards, perfume, or cologne. Why not make a present extra special by giving silver bars or coins? Chances are, no one else in your circle will consider just how precious the gift of precious metals can be.

2. Silver bars and coins have been around for thousands of years.

Unlike the latest greatest wireless headsets or kitchen gear, silver never goes out of style. In fact, silver’s use as a currency dates back to 700 B.C. Plus, unlike many other gifts we give and receive, silver won’t deteriorate.

3. Silver bars and coins can appreciate.

Over time, the price of silver bars and coins can rise. This potential for long-term appreciation means that when you give the gift of silver, you could be helping a loved one build long-term wealth.

Order your silver coin gifts today to make sure they arrive at just the right time. Call 1-844-307-1589 to secure your silver gift today.


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