2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicle Set
2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicle Set
2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set (PCGS First Strike)
2016 Ronald Reagan coin with Ronals and Nancy in plastic casing
2016 Ronald Reagan gold coin in plastic casing
2016 Silver 30 anniversary letter edge
assortment of 6 precious metal coins
2016 Coin and Chronicles Set Ronald Reagan book

2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set (PCGS First Strike)

The 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set perfectly captures the spirit of Ronald Reagan and his lasting legacy as one of the most celebrated presidents in U.S. history. This three-coin set is the last in this celebrated series from the U.S. Mint and includes three incredible coins: 2016 1 oz. Proof Silver American Eagle, 2016 Reverse Proof Reagan Presidential Dollar and Ronald and Nancy Reagan Bronze Medal. Each set comes with a rich booklet containing information and images from Reagan’s impressive life.

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Buy 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set (PCGS First Strike)

Courtesy of the U.S. Mint, the coins in the 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set represent some of the finest coin craftsmanship available. The set includes:

  • A PR-69 2016 Reverse Proof Reagan Presidential $1 coin with an ‘S’ mintmark
  • A PR-69 2016 Proof 30th Anniversary American Silver Eagle coin with a ‘W’ mintmark
  • A MS-69 Ronald and Nancy Reagan 1 1/2 inch Bronze Congressional Medal
  • An in-depth booklet containing information and images from Reagan’s life

Why Buy the 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set?

Buyers of Silver Eagle coins gain a long-standing and practical form of tangible wealth. That’s in addition to a practical means of entry to the world of precious metals, and the kind of liquidity that makes these sought-after silver coins easy to buy and sell.

The Silver American Eagle is made of 1 oz. of 99.9% pure silver. The 2016 set marks the first time the Coin & Chronicles series includes a Proof Silver American Eagle. This is done, in part, to acknowledge Reagan’s celebrated presidency and help commemorate his role in revitalizing the nation’s Silver American Eagle coin program in 1986. To mark this occasion, this 2016-dated coin features special incused edge lettering of "30th Anniversary.”

But the Silver Eagle is only one piece of this extraordinary set. It features two additional coins: a Ronald Reagan commemorative coin (How many coin buyers can boast that they have reverse proof presidential dollars in their collection?) and the Bronze Congressional Medal. All are in exquisite condition, and each one marks in its own way the life and public service of President Ronald Reagan.

Each coin carries 69 grade by PCGS, the Professional Coin Grading Service. PCGS is one of the most respected names in third-party coin certification. By their grading scale, 69 coins are "virtually fully struck" and only have minuscule imperfections when closely inspected.

The American Numismatic Association is another respected grading company. For more insight, their official definition of PR-69 describes such coins as having “a very attractive sharp strike and surface” and rates their visual appeal as “exceptional.” (The highest available PR grade is 70.)

In addition to their 69 grade, each coin in the Reagan Chronicles Set is certified by PCGS with a coveted “First Strike” label. That label is only awarded to coins issued in the first 30 days of the mint’s release for that year.

“This designation not only adds value to modern coins,” writes PCGS, “but takes modern coin collecting to another level with multiple Mint releases each year.”
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