1 oz. Pure Gold Bar, Perth Mint
1 oz. Pure Gold Bar, Perth Mint
perth mint 1 oz gold bar in assay

1 oz. Gold Bar (Perth Mint)

The portable, easy-to-store 1 oz Gold Bar hails from the world-famous Perth Mint in Australia. Producing some of the finest, high quality gold and silver products in the world, this gold bar is no exception.

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Buy 1 oz. Gold Bars

Referring to something as “the gold standard” proclaims it as the finest in its class. That’s because there’s nothing else quite like gold, and there’s nothing else quite like 1 oz. Perth Mint gold bars. Gold bars are an unparalleled, tangible form of wealth composed of what is arguably the most precious metal in the history of humankind, and they’re available in a convenient design optimized for large-scale ownership.

U.S. Money Reserve is a long-standing global associate of the Perth Mint, one of the most trusted, respected, and elite minting facilities in the world. Each Perth Mint gold bar contains 1 ounce of fine gold and exhibits the mint's renowned commitment to craft and artistry.

Why Buy a 1 oz. Gold Bar?

Gold bars are ideal for high-volume gold diversification. Bars are rectangular slabs of .999+ pure gold, and are easy to stack and store. A gold bar can take up less space than the same number of ounces in coins, depending on the type of coin and your storage method.

Due to their size and simplicity, 1 oz. gold bars offer new gold buyers a unique way to bolster their precious metals portfolio as fast as they want. When time is of the essence, buying gold bars is one of the quickest ways to maximize the power and volume of your precious metals portfolio.

Fun fact: the U.S. Federal Reserve holds 6,700 tons of gold, in 530,000 gold bars. At its peak, the Fed stored more than 12,000 tons of gold, reports the World Gold Council!
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