U.S. Money Reserve Reviews – Richard Petty’s Testimonial

Richard Petty, U.S. Money Reserve Client
Sep 26, 2017

Watch to see why Richard Petty, NASCAR legend and long-time client, trusts U.S. Money Reserve and looks to back his finances with gold coins and gold bars.


Richard Petty Testimonial – Video Transcript


Daytona was the first race of the season, it was the biggest race, paid the most money, the most prestige and the whole deal. I'd won a bunch of races at that time, but that was the first major speedway that I had won. So it really put us in “the big time” I guess. My dad had won down there in 1959 when they first opened Daytona and Daytona was the first race of the season, it was the biggest race, paid the most money, the most prestige and the whole deal. You know, at that time, gold was $35 an ounce. I should have taken all my winnings and bought some gold with it. We started as a family business, so like a farmer and his son comes along and his grandson comes along and they keep the farm going. Our racing was the same way. We started in the backyard, my Dad did. Me and my brother came along and we worked on the car. Then our kids came along and they worked on the car. We were fortunate to have so many people that worked in the family or worked outside of the family and became family members and so we rode together, slept together, eat together, so it was just a big family that went from one racetrack to another. Well the legacy is kind of a deal that somebody started, like when my dad started this and it didn't mean to be a legacy, he just started business. I came along to do my part of it, my son comes along, grandson comes along and first thing you know, it gets to be a legacy and you know, it's kind of a deal that I think everybody's proud of their heritage and we are, we're very proud. We're in the racing business. We're very proud of it and we'd like to see a continue on with our kids, with our grandkids, and we'd like our great grandkids to be able to look back and say, yeah, that was my granddaddy, or great granddaddy or my daddy's daddy, whatever it may be, and you know this is what they accomplished during your lifetime. I think in passing down your legacy, gold is a solid deal. It's going to stay with these kids, grandkids, great grandkids or whatever, so you can always go to the bank and use this as collateral. It makes me feel secure when I have a little bit of gold, no matter what the circumstances are, you're always going to be able to survive if you got a little bit of gold in your back pocket. I'm Richard Petty, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest and most dependable gold companies in the country. Give them a call today. Start owning the hard asset, U.S. government gold coins.


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