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how to be proactive with your finances
Feb 1, 2019

Too many consumers wait until it's too late when deciding to make decisions that could impact their financial future. Learn how now to look for warning signs and be more proactive in protecting yourself in this edition of USMR's Market Insights with Coy Wells.

How To Be Proactive With Your Financial Future- Video Transcription

Coy Wells:               00:00
In today's market, it's very important to understand to be proactive as opposed to being reactive. Over the course of time, most consumers are looking for a telltale sign. They're looking for someone to come out and tell them what's going on, or they're waiting for that catastrophic drop or they're waiting for another 2008 where we saw Lehman brothers fail at the middle of the night. We woke up and we saw the employees carrying their personal effects out of the doors. And of course, the stock market was tumbling at the same time. We are looking for telltale signs. In today's world, we have to be proactive as opposed to being reactive. And I think if most consumers are watching these videos and did their own homework, they would probably have the answers to what their gut feeling is already telling them. Again, we're starting to see those telltale signs. Many months ago we talked about Morgan and Stanley, uh, which is a very large financial firm, encouraging consumers to get out of the market.
Coy Wells:               00:45
Matter of fact, at the end of the report they talked about the budget, uh, swelling so large that they were in fear that we could see austerity measures take place in the United States. And that that's, that's really extreme to hear those types of measures. Mike Wilson is currently the chief strategist of equities for Morgan and Stanley and again, he's now asking consumers to get out of the stock market. He's actually talking about how the stock market is like an eight second bull ride and that you have eight seconds to make the right decision to be able to get out. And obviously the bull, if you don't get out of the way in the right time, that you're going to get hurt. And he's right. And today's market, it is still just as volatile as it has always been. The budget is continuing to grow every single year. It's getting larger and larger.
Coy Wells:               00:01
We're starting to see telltale signs from uh, countries outside the United States and the world is starting to pull away from US dollars. We talked the last time, we talked about the u s dollar being reduced by central banks. In the second quarter of 2018 by nearly 40%. we've talked about treasury bonds being reduced by countries all around the world and now we have the International Monetary Fund coming out and talking about the United States losing its position as the world's largest economy. These are all telltale signs and Mike Wilson is just another individual that's validating the concerns that most of us that are out there. So what I'm asking you as a consumer, as you've watched these videos, you watch your own news sources. It's hard to determine what to do. But what I am telling you in the end, and like I've told him many clients, if you've made money like most consumers have over the course of the last eight years, it's important to take the money that you've made, pull it aside so the money's not lost.
Coy Wells:               02:20
You have your principal there and it could still continue to grow. At least if you start seeing reactions like we've already seen, it will help you make those decisions. But once that principle is lost or the value of your money is lost in the stock market and your start dipping into your initial principle. Once that value is lost, you can't recover it. And most of us who are retired understand that at our day and age, everything is costing us more. Our value of our money is not taking us as far as it has in the past. The information is valid, the information is real, and most consumers know and feel what is taking place. But they don't know what to do. They don't have a direction, they don't have someone telling them the facts and information the way that it should be delivered in. And if it was, they would be making those decisions.
Coy Wells:               03:03
So right now we're at a very critical point with the u s economy in the United States. It's very important for you to get this information for yourself so you can make the proper decisions with your finances. But we're at a critical point and it's continuing to build each week and each month and each year as we move along here. So call right now to get your 2019 global gold forecast. This will provide you with lots of information in regards to what we talked about today. We'll also give you information on how to protect your money accordingly. Thank you for watching our video and be sure to subscribe right now to US Money Reserve's YouTube Channel. So that you're always up to date with the latest information and precious metals. For US Money Reserve, I'm Coy Wells.


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