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Oct 12, 2017

Watch as former Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl, discusses his new, confidential gold report. In this report, you'll learn Mr. Diehl's 25 Reasons to Own Gold.


Classified U.S. Gold Report – Video Transcription

Rick: 00:00 

What you're looking at here are just specially selected reporters and invitation only guests that have been asked to stand by here at this highly secured facility of U.S. Money Reserve, where tens of millions of dollars in gold is being shipped from their vault facilities every single month. Tension in this room is high because an emergency gold conference has just been called by the 35th U.S. Mint Director Phillip N. Diehl. This is where he is about to reveal his new classified and confidential U.S. Gold Report that is filled with 25 critical reasons to own gold immediately, and you're going to learn how the price of gold is impacted by the alarming events making news headlines every single day. Gold is on the move, so now is the time to own this precious metal. And actually right now I'm getting word in my ear that we're about to start. Let's listen in.

Philip N. Diehl: 00:46

We are in crisis mode, so it will be very important that you take action possibly even before I'm done laying out all the facts and figures from my new, classified and confidential gold report. Listen carefully. As you know, I'm an advocate for gold and I believe that everyone should own physical gold. For those of you who are watching at home, the phone lines are now open, so I urge each of you to call in and get a free copy of my classified and confidential U.S. Gold Report. Inside, you'll find them the reasons I've covered on gold ownership. Twenty five in all. If you've ever wanted to know why to own gold, this is it. All in one source.

Rick: 01:35   

This new classified and confidential U.S. Gold Report covers the pressing issues of today that could impact your financial plans tomorrow.

Philip N. Diehl: 01:43   

For those of you watching at home, don't hesitate and don't wait until it's too late. Call to get your free copy of my new classified and confidential U.S. Gold Report and start owning gold today.


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