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Tutor or Teacher, It’s Okay to Ask for Help


Written by Angela Roberts

Aug 11, 2021

Sometimes, my kids need help with their schoolwork. Sometimes something just doesn’t quite click; other times they simply want someone to double-check their work or tell them if they’re headed in the right direction. I tell them the exact same thing I tell our customers here at U.S. Money Reserve: Whether from myself, a teacher, a tutor, or a coach, I always encourage my kids to explore any additional knowledge that will help them make better decisions.

When seeking help, look for a reputable source.

In 2019, CNBC and Acorns conducted a national survey of savings behaviors for Americans ages 18 and up. According to their findings, only 17% of respondents manage their money with the help of a financial advisor. For respondents ages 65 and up, that number increases to 31%. If so many Americans count on their own knowledge and research when it comes to money management, I have to wonder: Where do they obtain their information?

Too often, consumers get swept up in false information or scams online. Just this past May, for example, the Federal Trade Commission released an article showing that Americans lost more than $80 million in 2021 to cryptocurrency scams—an increase of nearly 1,000% from just a year prior.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy interest in alternative assets —portfolio diversification is one of the numerous reasons many Americans turn to U.S. Money Reserve for their precious metals. But it’s important to make sure that you look at the right sources for information and go to the right people for guidance. It’s the same reason my kids don’t ask their math teacher for help with their English homework: They have access to a more authoritative source of information.

Likewise, there are excellent free resources online to help you build your own knowledge about protecting your portfolio.

I often talk about how proud I am of our extensive list of free resources and information that we provide as America’s Gold Authority®:

We work hard to provide outstanding and useful content to our customers, but being America’s Gold Authority also means we recognize that planning for the future expands far beyond exploring the benefits of precious metals.

To become more knowledgeable about personal wealth management and diversification, you may wish to seek out additional resources. Luckily, there are a number of free, educational sources for you to explore from accredited institutions.

I also encourage you to research your local universities and community centers to see what in-person courses may be available to you.

You can also trust your dedicated U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive.

When my kids need help with their schoolwork, I always do my best to help them. And if I’m not the best person to ask, I point them in the right direction or help them research the best source or solution. This is the exact same way that every Account Executive treats our customers, and it’s why our customers feel comfortable placing their trust in U.S. Money Reserve.

We pride ourselves on a customized, personalized approach. Too often in this digital age, we reach out to a company only to get lost in an automated computer system. Not at U.S. Money Reserve. We recognize the importance of having a real, live human to talk to—someone who is always ready to listen to your specific goals and needs and help in any way possible.

We want to be your guide through your precious metals journey. And in the event that we can’t answer a question, we’ll always try to point you in the right direction. U.S. Money Reserve will always be here for you, ready to help. All you have to do is ask.


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