Financially Successful People Have These 7 People on Their Team

Financially Successful People Have These 7 People on Their Team


Written by John Rothans

Nov 24, 2021

Athletes depend on them. So do software developers. And you, as someone with financial goals, also should rely on them. Who are we talking about? Teammates.

In sports, business, and life, we lean on teammates to help us achieve success. So who should financially successful people have on their team? We look at these seven types of teammates.

1. Family

While you might not want to put too much stock in stock tips from your relatives, you may find that they can offer some sage advice regarding how you want to lead your financial life. For instance, family members might be able to help you pinpoint whether you wish to retire at 60 or 70. That said, don’t put all of your eggs in the family basket when it comes to financial advice.

2. Friends

Like family, some in your circle of friends can also lend a hand when figuring out your financial future. Trusted friends can be an excellent sounding board for your ideas about reaching your financial goals. They also can share the successes and failures they’ve experienced in their financial lives. But again, you might want to turn to the pros, rather than your friends, for in-depth financial guidance.

3. Financial Planner

A certified financial planner can guide you toward the financial future that you envision. Certified financial planners are financial advisors who must meet strict standards for certification. A certified financial planner can set up a financial plan for you that covers decisions like how much to save for retirement and how to best finance buying a home.

Are you the only one without a financial planner? Probably not.

“Only 21% of consumers polled by the personal finance site MagnifyMoney reported working with a financial planner or a retirement specialist. And 54% of those surveyed said they have no intention to seek any help with their finances to better plan for retirement.”

Yes, a certified financial planner charges a fee for their work, but it may be a small price to pay to help ensure your financial future is on the right track. In the end, teaming up with a certified financial planner can also increase your financial literacy.

4. Tax Professional

Regardless if you already have a certified financial planner on your team, it’s also wise to consider enlisting the help of a tax professional. A tax professional can not only prepare your tax returns, but can also recommend strategies to reduce your tax burden or help you score a bigger tax refund.

5. Insurance Agent

An insurance agent can provide insights into what types of insurance you should purchase, including life insurance. Life insurance can be a crucial component of a retirement plan.

6. Estate Attorney

An estate attorney can draw up a will, a trust, and other legal documents to ensure that the assets you leave behind end up in the right hands. Without these types of documents, your wishes may go unfulfilled.

7. U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive

Yes, we’re biased, but we believe one of our dedicated Account Executives at U.S. Money Reserve can complement your team. Our Account Executives can inform you about ways to include precious metals in your portfolio, including the possibility of opening a precious metals IRA.

Successful people don’t get there all by themselves. They built a network of knowledgable professionals and loved ones to help them and hold them accountable. Call U.S. Money Reserve to start building your team with a dedicated Account Executive.


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