There are 4 core reasons U.S. Money Reserve prefers that our customers connect with us directly by placing orders over the phone:

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Precious metals have long been traded as a major commodity on global markets - and thus their prices change at any given moment. When you call U.S. Money Reserve to purchase gold, silver or platinum, ordering by phone locks you in at our ‘live’ prices in real time and gives you access to all of our certified product live pricing as well. Calling instead of clicking also allows you to place orders over $5,000.

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There are numerous potential hazards that come from buying precious metals online: Phishing scams. Identity theft. Stolen passwords. A breach of payment card information. And on and on...Having been in the industry for well over a decade, U.S. Money Reserve firmly believes that precious metals orders taken over the phone are still one of the best ways to protect your purchase and reduce exposure to online digital fraud.

Fast Shipping


Precious metals orders made by phone give U.S. Money Reserve’s Verification Team the chance to speak to you directly, authenticate in real time exactly who you are, ensure your order is complete, and validate the address where your gold, silver or platinum will be shipping. Due to the physical nature of precious metals, we must confirm and verify everything about your order and shipment with you directly—live and on the phone—before your coins ever leave our vaults.

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U.S. Money Reserve strives to build meaningful, long lasting relationships with every single client. Thats why from your very first phone call—our astute team of experienced, dedicated professionals start with an in-depth, free consultation regarding your overall financial objectives and long-term goals. Our gold market veterans take the mystery out of coin buying—making the time to work with you one-on-one, and help you choose the right coins for your portfolio and maximize your precious metals purchase.

To learn more, give us a call today, connect with your own personal Account Executive, and discover for yourself why our 525,000 customers proudly choose U.S. Money Reserve as America’s Gold Authority™.