Tami Alba

Tami Alba is an internationally recognized artist with more than 20 years of experience portraying realistic, intimate portrayals of wildlife. A self-taught artist, Alba has traveled the world and lived abroad extensively, witnessing exotic animals in such exciting habitats as Tahiti, Japan, and India, bringing each animal to life through the mediums of graphite, acrylics, oil, photography, and computer graphics.

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“My heart is always with wildlife and nature. The best part of my job is being able to spend time with magnificent creatures wherever and whenever I can.”

—Tami Alba

The Artist

Her artistic abilities started early. By age twelve, she began expressing her love of animals through realism art using pencil and charcoal. Later and throughout her life, Tami had the privilege of traveling extensively and living abroad.

During that time it was the thrill of witnessing exotic animals in their own habitat in places like Tahiti, Japan, and India that ultimately sealed her artistic fate of becoming a wildlife artist.

Since then, Tami has dedicated herself to developing techniques in detail and accuracy, learning to work with mediums of graphite, acrylics and oil to hone her art style.

Over time, computer graphics became her primary tool with which to express her unique interpretation of the wildlife she so loves and respects.

Today, Tami is an accomplished self-taught artist who strives to share the essence and beauty of the world’s animals. Much of her own photography is often used in her artwork in hopes of visually recreating the unspoken connection she experiences with her magnificent subjects. Her hope is simply that others may resonate and possibly take flight with those magical wild connections that Nature offers.

The Inspiration

Alba’s stunning portrayal of two eagles flying with a “parent” eagle in the background was selected by U.S. Money Reserve for use on the Legacy Eagle coin, as it perfectly captures the spirit of the original Gold Eagle design while invoking a more modern sensibility and style.

In a spirited tribute to the American family, the Gold Legacy Eagle displays twin eagles in majestic flight. Having finally left their nest, they soar together toward a brighter future. The sky beyond takes the form of the parental eagle—an enduring reminder of the values and traditions passed down from the previous generation.

The Gold Legacy Eagle combines the unity of family, the strength of precious metals, and the prosperity of generational wealth into a first-of-its-kind release—available only through U.S. Money Reserve.

A Majestic Design
Brought to Life

The dynamic flying eagles with the wind rippling through their feathers command the foreground of the proof gold coin in the highest relief. Their raised heads and tails are produced with a polished reverse-proof finish, enhancing their appearance. Combined with the lower relief of the finely frosted eagle profile, this captivating scene appears to float on a mirror-like proof background to spectacular effect.

Encircling the design are the inscriptions “LEGACY EAGLE” and “UNITY STRENGTH PROSPERITY,” as well as the Roman numeral-dated year of issue (“MMXXI”).

Legacy Gold Eagle coin stacked USMR exclusive

More from Tami Alba

Tami continually mesmerizes her audience with her amazingly realistic artwork.

wolf artwork by Tami Alba
wolf and eagle artwork by Tami Alba
big cats painting by Tami Alba
white tiger art by tami alba
dolphin ocean scene from Tami Alba