Limited Time Only! Buy Gold and Silver at Cost - Valid 11/25/19-12/7/19 - Exclusions Apply

Buy Gold and Silver at Cost—Only Until Midnight on December 7!


Written by John Rothans

Nov 27, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of year—time to buy gold and silver at cost from U.S. Money Reserve!* Like the holidays, this opportunity only comes around once each year (although sometimes not at all, in the case of gold and silver).

Also, this could be one of your final chances to buy Gold and Silver American Eagle coins as they are currently designed and for less than they’re available elsewhere by many other precious metals distributors. Keep reading to learn why this holiday sale is one of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals around!

What Does It Mean to “Buy Gold Coins at Cost”?

Each month, hundreds of people search online for how to buy gold at cost—and rightfully so. Buying precious metals at cost is one of the most affordable ways to expand your gold and silver holdings.

“At cost” means you’re buying at the same price (or less) than what the precious metals distributor paid. Oftentimes, this means you’re buying close to the spot price. The spot price of gold or silver reflects the current market price of one ounce of the precious metal. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the effort and resources it takes to design, mint, or ship a coin or bar. It also doesn’t factor in the supply or demand for an individual product.

The spot price refers to the current purchase or sale price for immediate, or “on the spot,” delivery of gold or silver, as opposed to a futures price. If you could buy gold or silver before it became a bar or coin, you’d essentially pay the spot price.

Buy Gold and Silver at Cost From U.S. Money Reserve

Why buy now? There’s the obvious cost-savings opportunity, but there’s also the importance of legacy to consider—both your legacy and that of the American Eagle coin series.

The holidays are a time of reflection, a time when we look back at our accomplishments and expenditures of the year and how they will impact our future. Most physical things will fade or break with time. Cash, cars, clothing—very rarely will they last from one generation to the next. Precious metals are different. It’s almost impossible to destroy gold, so most of the yellow metal that’s been mined remains in some form. And silver? At the molecular level, it’s so strong and useful that it’s utilized in everything from solar technology to water purification.

Including gold and silver in your portfolio can be one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth.

There’s the tangible strength of precious metals to consider, but also the intangible. Throughout history, gold has been a sought-after monetary standard and crisis commodity and a check and balance for paper money and uncertain times.

Also, because gold is negatively correlated to other traditional assets, gold can serve as a potent portfolio diversifier as well as a hedge, haven, and generational safe harbor. In short, gold can help you pass along your wealth to future generations in ways that other physical assets and items can’t.

What’s more, this is a pivotal time to buy American Eagle coins. Gold and Silver American Eagle coins are being redesigned. Come 2021, the reverse sides of the coins will be changed to incorporate anti-counterfeiting technology, which could alter the overall look and feel of American Eagle coins as you know them. While this design change is needed and much anticipated, it also means that current Gold and Silver Eagles may become more precious.

Shop the Holiday Sale Now for At-Cost Prices

You better not pout, you better not cry—because this holiday sale is one of a kind! Shop online or call 1-844-307-1589 to buy Gold and Silver American Eagle coins at cost between 11/25/2019 and 12/7/2019.

©2019 U.S. Money Reserve. The markets for coins are unregulated. Prices can rise or fall and carry some risks. The company is not affiliated with the U.S. Government and the U.S. Mint. Past performance of the coin or the market cannot predict future performance. Prices may be more or less based on current market conditions. Special offer is strictly limited to only one lifetime purchase of 10 below- or at-cost gold coins and 20 below- or at-cost silver coins (regardless of price paid) per household, plus shipping and insurance ($15-$35), and state sales tax where applicable. *Offer valid 11/25/19 12:00 a.m. CST until 12/07/19 11:59 p.m. CST or while supplies last. One-time use only valid for one transaction. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Minimum order of 5 coins. Price not valid for precious metals dealers. All calls recorded for quality assurance. Coins enlarged to show detail. Offer void where prohibited.


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