What Does It Mean to Leave a Financial Legacy?

What Does It Mean to Leave a Financial Legacy?

Millionaires and billionaires aren’t the only people who can leave a financial legacy—you can, too. Regardless of your income, you have the ability to make a positive mark on your family’s future or a favorite charity by leaving a financial legacy. What Is a Financial Legacy? A financial legacy is something of worth that you…

Why Is Debt the Elephant in the Room?

Why is Debt the Elephant in the Room?

The Federal Reserve’s recent financial stability report found massive debts owed by U.S. Businesses to be a “top vulnerability” to the economy. The potential danger of debt goes beyond business; the U.S. government ran a 134 billion deficit in October alone.  Why is Debt the Elephant in the Room? – Video Transcription Coy Wells:…

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Cash vs. Gold: Which Asset Could Prove Better?

Currency devaluations. Negative interest rates. Minimal economic growth. During such turbulent times, how can diligent wealth-holders safeguard their earnings? Learn more about the benefits and disadvantages to holding cash over gold to make the best decision for your portfolio. Benefits to Holding Cash In uncertain times, increasing cash reserves and reducing exposure to volatile financial…

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Wealth Insurance

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of physical gold in a balanced financial portfolio. The bull market of the 2000s has led many to think of gold as another way to increase wealth through price appreciation. This is mistaken. First and foremost, physical gold is insurance. When you think about buying insurance, you don’t think about a return on your investment. You think about protection against the unexpected. Gold’s core value proposition is as wealth protection when the rest of your portfolio is going down the tubes. Price appreciation in good times, if and when it occurs, is a bonus.