Did You Know? History of American Coinage

History of American Coinage: Did You Know?

Have you ever been curious about the various events that lead to the creation of American coins? In today’s episode of U.S. Money Reserve’s “Did You Know?” we follow the 200-year timeline of American Coinage from the first coins ever minted to the famous, modern Gold American Eagle.  History of American Coinage: Did You…

the declining dollar

The Declining Dollar | USMR Market Insights

A sudden decline in the dollar is something that would create global economic turmoil and many people are very worried about this situation. If this happens, it’s very likely that investors would rush to other currencies, such as the euro, or other assets, such as gold and commodities. Learn more in today’s edition of USMR…

Free Guide to Gold Buying

FREE Guide to Gold Buying | U.S. Money Reserve

Don’t wait until the next crisis, call U.S. Money Reserve, America’s Gold Authority, and start securing your financial future today.  FREE Guide to Gold Buying – Video Transcription Brad Castillo: 00:00 Hello, I’m Brad Castillo. Did you know that Americans who bought gold in the year 2005 quadrupled their money by 2012? Even now,…

Dollar sign floating in bubble, about to be popped with a needle

Gold in Another Stock Market Bubble

For weeks, I’ve intended to write a post on the current stock market bubble, and now, the New York Times‘ David Leonhardt has beaten me to it, but I’ll make some additional points. Robert Shiller, a Noble prize-winning economist, is among the market analysts and economists whose work I follow and admire. I discovered Shiller several years…

Debt chained to the ankle of business professional

Gold and the Debt Crisis

In the weeks leading up to the debt crisis in 2011, gold rose $400 an ounce to hit its nominal all-time peak of $1,895. The 2011 debt crisis was the one in which we came so close to defaulting on our debts that rating agencies downgraded the nation’s credit score. But it was good for gold. As the crisis approached, gold rose spectacularly. After the crisis was resolved, it fell dramatically but retained a portion of the gain. Can we expect a similar pattern as the current debt limit standoff progresses?