Sealed dollar certified gold coin PCGS MS65 $20

6 Simple Tips for Buying Certified Coins

For those mindful of their wealth, gold coins are a means of diversifying away from paper-based assets, such as stocks and mutual funds. Certified coins, in particular, are ideal for those in search of long-term profit potential. If you’re new to buying certified coins, review these six simple tips to get started safeguarding your wealth…

Golden egg in nest protected by hands

Wealth Insurance

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of physical gold in a balanced financial portfolio. The bull market of the 2000s has led many to think of gold as another way to increase wealth through price appreciation. This is mistaken. First and foremost, physical gold is insurance. When you think about buying insurance, you don’t think about a return on your investment. You think about protection against the unexpected. Gold’s core value proposition is as wealth protection when the rest of your portfolio is going down the tubes. Price appreciation in good times, if and when it occurs, is a bonus.