Gold coins marked with the dollar sign and red arrow pointing upwards as gold prices climb

Gold Prices Jump after Weak U.S. Jobs Data

Gold prices jumped Friday after U.S. jobs data came in far lower than expected, signaling continued sluggish economic growth and easing expectations of an interest-rate increase this year—adding up to a bullish backdrop for safe-haven assets such as precious metals. Gold prices were down nearly 1% earlier in Friday’s trading session but reversed losses after…

One large gold bar and one small gold bar atop crisp United States dollar bills

The Many Uses of Gold

Gold’s many qualities make it one of the most coveted metals in the world. Not only can it be beautifully shaped and sculpted, the yellow metal also conducts electricity, doesn’t tarnish and is biocompatible (meaning it’s not harmful to our tissue). These qualities make it the metal of choice in a wide variety of industries,…

Dozens of fine gold bars, each with a net weight of 1000 grams

Why Now Is a Great Time to Buy Gold

After being bearish on gold prices during 2013 and 2014, I became mildly bullish on the precious metal in February of this year. With gold at $1,200 an ounce, I wrote an article discussing three reasons why I believed gold prices would bottom in 2015, and thus why I believe gold was an attractive long-term…

Closed and locked vault door of a safe

Inside Fort Knox: gold or no gold

The public image of the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky, was cemented in the 1964 movie Goldfinger. The four-story vaults of shining chrome bar-encased gold, suspended staircases and vast interior are now classic Hollywood images of what our imaginations want Fort Knox to look like. The reality is very different. I’ve been…

Debt chained to the ankle of business professional

Gold and the Debt Crisis

In the weeks leading up to the debt crisis in 2011, gold rose $400 an ounce to hit its nominal all-time peak of $1,895. The 2011 debt crisis was the one in which we came so close to defaulting on our debts that rating agencies downgraded the nation’s credit score. But it was good for gold. As the crisis approached, gold rose spectacularly. After the crisis was resolved, it fell dramatically but retained a portion of the gain. Can we expect a similar pattern as the current debt limit standoff progresses?