About the U.S. Money Reserve Team

Angela Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Angela Roberts (fka Angela Koch) is the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest private distributors of government-issued gold, silver, platinum, and palladium precious metals. Angela oversees every aspect of operation, while setting culture and pace for the entire organization. With a proven background in business planning, strategy, mergers, acquisitions, and operations, Angela has an in-depth understanding of how to run a successful business and is credited with creating the analytic and KPI structure at U.S. Money Reserve. Believing strongly that the people make the business, Angela has positioned U.S. Money Reserve to be a trusted precious metal leader that always puts their customers and employees first. Learn more in her interview with Forbes here.
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Diversification Brings Peace of Mind in Tumultuous Times

It’s the simple things that we all have in common. Sometimes, all anyone wants at the end of the day is a sense of inner peace. Peace of mind, however, can be a scarce commodity.   Nearly 40 percent of Americans have reported that politics have stressed them out.  If you are stressed out about political turmoil, you are not alone. A recent study published in the Public Library of…

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Paper Wealth, Paper Millionaires, and the Paper Rich

We all know that the financial markets cannot continue to climb indefinitely. Stocks have routinely collapsed throughout history, and bad things have been set in motion by a variety of factors, like speculation, inflation, asset bubbles, bank failures, mass unemployment, and geopolitics.   Market crashes wipe out what’s called “paper wealth,” leaving a wake of decimated “paper millionaires” who, according to Investopedia, are individuals with “a high net worth as a result of the large total market value of the assets he or she owns.”  Many of us with robust pensions or 401(k)s may…

Arrow Trending Down in Front of German Flag

The Mighty German Engine Is Sputtering—so Goes the Eurozone?

Europe has just posted downright dismal PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) numbers. The Purchasing Managers’ Index is a leading indicator of manufacturing activity and a carefully watched barometer of economic health. The latest PMI flash data that covers 19 countries in the European Union suggests that the eurozone could be moving closer to recession.  A PMI reading above 50 generally suggests an economic expansion, while anything below 50 indicates a contraction. The monthly flash report for September (an advanced indicator) fell from…

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What Keeps Baby Boomers Awake at Night?

Baby boomers are the children of the Greatest Generation and most often defined as those born between 1946 and 1964 during the post–World War II baby boom that saw the U.S. population surge by more than 76 million. Boomers, however, have proven to be great in their own right. They’re a hardworking, entrepreneurial generation that…

Industrial Park with an American Flag Background and Faint Charts

Has U.S. Manufacturing Fired a Warning Shot?

In a year of dramatic stock volatility, trade struggles, profit worries, bond mayhem, and endless recession timelines, it’s easy to become immune to the various “dire” economic warnings that arise each week. But sometimes one indicator takes you by surprise. The Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Index fell to 49.1 in August, the lowest level…

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Has the Fed Lost Its Mojo?

For over a year, the U.S.-China trade war has been daily water cooler talk at every big bank and investment firm from Wall Street to Main Street. And with good reason. It has created uncertainty and volatility—and by many accounts, it has reduced global growth to a crawl. Each new round of tariffs unnerves the…

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The Gold Recommendations Just Keep Coming

Gold has been making some big headlines lately, and while experts can’t quite figure out if it’s a rally or a realignment—they like what they see.   The yellow metal is up more than 11% in the last 6 months and more than 16% in the last year. But that’s nothing extraordinary for the precious metal. A glance back at the end of the 20th century—which…